TELUS investing $17 million in to Manitoba, will launch LTE this Summer in Winnipeg

Ian Hardy

May 28, 2013 4:32pm

TELUS is coming off a few major investment announcements. Yesterday it declared a $700 million infrastructure investment into Alberta, this morning it was a cool $3 billion heading for development in British Columbia. In addition, Manitoba seems to be receiving some of TELUS’ good fortune as the province will be receiving an influx of $17 million this year. TELUS notes that they’ll be bringing LTE to the region.

Michael Sangster, TELUS vice-president, said “This year’s $17 million investment brings our customers in Manitoba the fastest and most reliable wireless technology available in the world.” In an email to us TELUS reps stated “we are rolling out 4G LTE in Manitoba this summer starting with sites in downtown Winnipeg.” For those looking for the coverage, TELUS’ site currently shows the above LTE Winnipeg coverage map.

Source: CNW

  • Señor Cardgage

    And the funny thing is that they Will beat Rogers at bringing LTE to Manitoba

    • Senk

      More like sad. This LTE ready advertising was everywhere in Winnipeg last summer and still no LTE.

  • EvanKrosney

    Well it took long enough.

  • Jon

    Does that mean Koodo will also have LTE in Manitoba? Right now, their $60 plan seems pretty good if it works with LTE.

    • Señor Cardgage

      Yep, it will. So will Bell/Virgin

  • Owen Finn

    I’ll believe it when I see it – right before my wife left Telus 18 months ago, they promised her LTE “within the next 6 months”…

  • Justin

    Funny they’ll beat Rogers to it. And yes seen all those Rogers ads and commercials too! MTS still has the better coverage though..for now anyways.

  • Henry

    Good for them to get LTE (come on Rogers!) only problem is 20 minutes south of the peg and there is not a spec of Telus coverage!

  • MajikMonkie

    Another Rogers first! First to be last in MB with LTE… Also another first for Rogers: First time I’ll be signing with someone else next time I get a new phone.

  • Lincoln

    My sister’s iPhone still won’t work when see visits my parents in southern Manitoba.

  • abc123

    Telus customers of phone, tv, internet and wireless, get ready for rate hikes…

  • daddychicken

    Yes! Now if we can get sime additional rural Manitoba coverage it would be really exciting.

  • Glen Loewen