Microsoft releases Facebook beta app for Windows Phone with Timeline support, high-resolution images and post sharing

Daniel Bader

April 30, 2013 4:12pm

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Facebook for Windows Phone, while maintaining a nice design, has always lagged behind its iOS and Android counterparts for features.

Microsoft is launching a new version of its Facebook app today in beta, bringing many of the most highly-requested features to Windows Phone users. Not only is the design a better compromise between the company’s existing mobile apps and the Windows Phone design guidelines, but it offers Timeline support, high-resolution images and post sharing.

The new app supports left- and right-side sliding bars, much like Android and iOS, and they open smoothly with a swipe from either side. Any page, including specific timelines, the messaging folder or even specific brand pages, can be pinned to the home screen for easy access, and the app still supports using images from albums as lock screen art. Toast notifications are said to be more reliable as well, which I’ve confirmed from my short time using the app.

While the beta is not quite stable, and cannot be found by searching in the Windows Store, it will go a long way to alleviating some of that cross-platform envy Windows Phone users have been feeling lately. No word on whether Chat Heads are coming to Windows Phone any time soon, but having native Facebook Messenger support from the Messages app should suffice for now. The beta will be installed alongside your current Facebook app until it comes out of beta.

Download Facebook beta for Windows Phone.

Via: Windows Phone Blog

  • Plazmic Flame

    But yet… I still can’t add photos to my contacts through

  • LarsFromMars

    Facebook for Android works on devices from mid-2010 (Froyo)
    Facebook for iOS works on devices from June 2009 (3GS w/ iOS5)
    Facebook for WP only works on WP8 devices barely 7 months old. It cannot work on the flagship Lumia 900 that you bought less than a year ago.

    That is shameful fragmentation. Especially considering that Microsoft has an ownership stake in Facebook!

    • Entegy

      Facebook integration and normal Facebook app work on WP7…

  • TallePeja


  • suwarjo

    Facebook wants to attract users apple gadget too.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    good to know they are improving the phone version of the app. Sadly no news on the “metro” version for windows 8 PC users