TELUS Samsung Galaxy Note expected to receive Jelly Bean upgrade in May

Ian Hardy

April 17, 2013 9:01am

The long road for the Samsung Galaxy Note upgrade to Jelly Bean just might be over. TELUS has updated their “Upcoming software updates schedule” and is pegging sometime in May for the original Note to receive OS 4.1. In addition, Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE and Samsung Galaxy S II X user can expect Jelly Bean to arrive on their device within the next couple weeks. Of course, the fine print says “Expected dates are estimates and are subject to change.”

Source: TELUS
(Thanks Hayden!)

  • iphoneeeeeee

    iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone

  • peter

    LG Optimus G already got JellyBean Update. You need to check before posting the article.

  • silver_arrow

    Heck I have never owned the Note and i’m getting mad at how long this is taking. Also it would be much better saying it is coming soon then “Next month” like 5 times.

  • Lirodon

    My friend on SaskTel got 4.1 on the Galaxy Rugby LTE.

    • silver_arrow

      This is about the Note not the Rugby

    • Lirodon

      I know. But the article mentioned that Telus’s 4.1 for the Rugby LTE was coming, but wanted to note that we got it sooner

  • Zachary Elias

    Still in “Manufacturer Testing”… means that Samsung still hasn’t released a load to Telus.

  • Doug Bolster

    Being the owner of a S II x this is ridonculous, a whole year after JB was introduced. What do Samsung and Telus plan to do if they need to push a critical security update to android phones, wait another year? A couple months is acceptable given the distribution model of android.

  • jhk

    Root it for sake ppl…

    • Mark Bunker


    • Jerrik Nordlee

      If you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t come with much risk.

    • Mark Bunker

      Do it for me.

    • Jerrik Nordlee

      Do some research and follow the instructions precisely. I do it all the time.

    • jhk

      You have more risk dropping the phone in the toilet … smh

  • Brandon Ross

    I’m just going to assume we aren’t getting Jelly Bean. “Next month, next month, next month” BS.

  • Borghead

    I don’t believe it. As an owner of a “Tell Us” Samsung S IIx I don’t believe a word they say. Originally they said I would get the Jelly Bean upgrade in December. Then it was changed to February. Now they claim April. I don’t understand why. Samsung gave them the image back in November. Why the delay? Oh, I get it, they would rather that I upgrade to the S IV, that way they can make more money off of me. Well forget it. I will never, ever be with Telus again.

  • Jason

    I already run 4.2.2 on my S II X thanks to a pretty decent akop rom but I still want them to release this update already. Im hoping the battery life will be good.

  • kevinsebby22

    Hate samsung

  • Rick Berglund

    I hope it repairs the damage this melted ice cream sandwich did to both mine and my wife Note 1 and call Telus can’t go back, that has to be BS but oh well what can you do

  • rickee

    too much wait for samsung galaxy sII X …
    f*** you telus , in my next purchase u are definatly not in…