Top Canadian stories from the past week, plus other news from around the web

Ian Hardy

March 31, 2013 7:15am

These past seven days saw everything from new area codes, device delays and launches, and AWS compatible iPhone, BlackBerry Z10 shipping numbers, and a few OS updates. Below are the top Canadian mobile stories from the last week, plus notable news from around the web:

– BlackBerry Q10 to be released in Canada this April [Read here]
– New Rogers unlock policy now in effect [Read here]
– TELUS to release the Nexus 4 [Read here]
– Bell Novatel Wireless MiFi 2 Review [Read here]
– Canada’s first Mobile Interac Flash debit transaction occurred this week [Read here]
– Finally, an AWS-compatible iPhone [Read here]
– BlackBerry has shipped 1 million BlackBerry Z10s [Read here]
– Rogers expanding LTE network to 44 new markets [Read here]
– Welcome Home: Using the BlackBerry Z10 For Travel [Read here]
– Ability to redeem promo codes finally coming to BlackBerry World [Read here]
– New 437 and 365 area codes go live in the GTA [Read here]
– Waterloo-based Fongo makes a bid for WIND Mobile [Read here]
– Samsung Canada going on a Galaxy S4 roadshow [Read here]
– Liquipel to open first retail location in the West Edmonton Mall [Read here]
– Rogers CEO retirement arrangement totals $18,513,164 [Read here]
– Rumour: 2013 BlackBerry 10 roadmap leaks online [Read here]
– Nexus 4 receives a slight redesign [Read here]

Around the web:
– Samsung filing confirms: Apple could seek even more damages in new trial [AppleInsider]
– Google’s ‘If I Had Glass’ winners list dominated by celebrities [TheVerge]
– HTC One 64GB will arrive as AT&T exclusive [Engadget]
– U.S. Patent Office Rejects ‘iPad Mini’ Trademark [PCMag]