Dropcam for Android updated with 720p video playback for Jelly Bean devices

Daniel Bader

March 9, 2013 8:22am

Screenshot_2013-03-08-15-33-07 Screenshot_2013-03-08-15-33-17Heard of Dropcam? It’s a pretty great little WiFi camera that can be mounted anywhere in or outside the home to transmit 720p video to any browser or smartphone. It solves the issues usually associated with DIY home monitoring solutions by being extremely easy to set up and even easier to watch. I’ve been using one for a couple months as a security camera and it’s a fantastic and reliable product.

Supporting both Android and iOS, Dropcam can be configured to notify you of movement, and with a $9.95/month or $99/year Plus HD account you can recall all recorded events in a 7-day period. For $29/month or $299/year that number can be inflated to 30 days. The free account allows you to view the content live, but nothing is stored on the company’s servers.

Dropcam records in 720p and has a pretty incredibly Night Mode that inverts the colour scheme to follow what’s going on outdoors at any time of day.

Version 2.3 for Android allows Jelly Bean users to view that 720p video over 3G or Wifi, something that has been available to iOS users for a while. The app also works better on Android tablets and is generally more reliable than before.

Download Dropcam for Android or iOS.