Angry Birds for iOS updated with new levels, drops to free on a three-year contract

Daniel Bader

March 7, 2013 1:02pm

Angry Birds, the most popular mobile game of all time, has gone free on iOS for the first time ever. Today’s update also brings 15 new levels, likely to promote its Bad Piggies puzzle game, but all the previous content is available for free as well.

The game was originally released for iPhone in December 2009 and has gone on to sell over 12 million copies. It has always been available for free on Android as an ad-supported version; the same update comes to Google’s platform today, too.

Angry Birds has spawned numerous spin-off games, including Angry Birds Star Wars, and is being made into an animated television series for Nickelodeon; a 3D movie is planned for 2016.

Download Angry Birds for iOS.

  • ELNY

    The obsession with this stupid game is beyond unreal. I don’t get it?

    • Jamaal

      Exactly – you don’t get it. It’s a fun game with fun characters that children and adults can appreciate.

      Super Mario, Transformers, Iron Man etc are no different so relax.

    • bray

      Marketing elny, marketing.

    • ButtonsTheMonkey

      I get it… it’s the first game I can think of that was an easy to pick up game for anybody to play. It’s a time killer and a fun puzzle game. Not to say that it hasn’t gotten crazy with spin offs, products and such. I really don’t care to own Angry Birds swag or watch the cartoon/movie.

    • Mike

      Right. A game that you don’t appreciate must be stupid.

  • Draven

    ummm…three year contract?

    • Brad

      Pretty sure it’s a joke. Ha ha.

  • 3year

    what you mean angry bird free on 3 year contract? apps have contrats too now?

    • ButtonsTheMonkey

      Pretty sure that means that they have some contract with Apple to provide it free.

  • just saing

    How you will play angry birds on a 4 inch phone
    I will laugh at you when see you using your icrap

  • jack

    what’s the cancellation fee if i wanted to uninstall after 1 year?

    • Mike

      Your first born.

  • Tanooki

    Angry birds is a good time waster. But, id rather play God of War Ascension or Uncharted.

    • glonq

      Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to install those on my smartphone.