Mophie launches 1700mAh juice pack air for the iPhone 5

Daniel Bader

February 25, 2013 8:28pm


Mophie is on a roll, releasing its second juice pack case for the iPhone 5 in as many months. This one is a little bigger than the 1500mAh helium (review forthcoming) at 1700mAh and comes in three colours: black, red and white.

Like the helium, the juice pack air is an two-part case with an integrated battery and a lightning adapter, though it charges via microUSB. It has four LED lights on the back to indicate battery charge, and, when plugged in, charges the phone’s battery first and then its own.

The juice pack air measures 2.60 in x 5.54 in x 0.63 in compared to the helium’s 2.49 in x 5.49 in x 0.59 in, so it’s certainly a bit denser. It also claims to be more protective than its cheaper counterpart, promising excellent physical protection.

I’ve used Mophie’s products and really like its juice pack line. Can’t wait to try this one. The black juice pack air for iPhone 5 is available next week for $99.95; the white and red versions will be coming at the end of March for the same price.

Source: Mophie

  • BIll Murray

    this is way better then android

  • Apples Sales Guy

    That’s it, Apple up Android down.

  • lukeiphone

    I wouldn’t buy it for now because iPhone 6 coming out in a few months.

    • wotzit2ya

      Naw don’t worry , the 5S will fit

  • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow thats ugly……

  • Vader

    Looks good, still I wish more thought was given to battery life from manufacturers.

  • NBS

    $100?! For a case with a battery? Sorry, no.

  • zzZZzz

    actually makes the iPhone better looking IMO

  • tom

    Want cheaper alternative

    DX FTW!!!

  • screamer

    To much looking for pure specs. They should have more focus of battery life. How cares the thinnest iPhone ever???

  • G

    If only there was a smartphone with a removable battery, then you wouldn’t need an overpriced case… oh wait!

  • jonnny

    You know how you can buy variants in different storage sizes or colors, why dont the manufacturers release versions with different battery sizes?! I would rather have a thicker phone with a better battery life.

  • Tyrone

    100 bucks gets you 260mah more. What a joke this.

    • JaymmerMan79

      you do realize this is in addition to the battery built in to the iphone…
      I hope they come out with one that’s compatible with the HTC One series of phones

  • Mr. Reliable

    I picked up the Helium on release date, and received it Feb 15th.
    What a godsend.

    Of course, if I knew that a lighter model was being released 2 weeks later…

  • Seany

    I hope this one provides a bonus 4.5 inches display.