PlayStation 4 promises extensive smartphone interaction, companion apps for Android and iOS

Daniel Bader

February 21, 2013 9:42am


Last night in New York, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4, and all was good in the world. Wait, that’s wrong: the company unveiled the idea of the PS4 without actually showing the console itself. But it did make a lot of promises, one of which was extensive interaction with smartphones, tablets and the PS Vita through streaming and companion apps.

The latter, companion apps, will be available on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and will allow gamers to interact directly, either remotely or at home, with the console.

One of the main tenets of the companion app will be “second screen” interaction, letting users either watch their friends’ games while on the go, or obtain more information about a local game. Some games, such as DriveClub, will allow smartphone users to choose alternate cars and paint jobs which, while not an integral feature, will allow for unprecedented amounts of customization from the player and his or her companions.

Another big feature of the PlayStation App will be the ability to log onto the PlayStation Network and download games remotely, utilizing the PS4’s low-power Always On mode. This means impatient gamers who don’t want to wait for huge downloads to finish will be able to begin a download as soon as the game is available.

We’re sure the company has only scratched the surface of what a companion smartphone app can do; as devices get more powerful, it’s possible the company may allow PSN games to be played on its PlayStation Mobile-enabled Android devices (such as Sony’s own Xperia line and HTC’s One series) using Gaikai’s streaming services.

The PlayStation 4 promises to be an interesting mix of legacy console ideas — sit on the couch and use your thumbstick-equipped controller to play big, loud, beautiful games — and some modern ways of interacting, many of which are currently unique to the mobile world. Integrated social networking, extensive sharing options (including a Share button on the DualShock 4 controller), game streaming to the PS Vita through high-speed networks (a la OnLive) and, perhaps most importantly, Always On connectivity.

The PS4 is expected to be released at the end of the year, likely before Christmas, so don’t hold your breath waiting for it anytime soon. We’ll likely hear more — and hopefully see the console itself — this summer at E3.

Source: Sony
Via: The Verge

  • Tommy

    With streaming games, gamers could really use an unlimited internet plan.

  • screamer

    The presentation was a joke. Why not showing the new PlayStation or the price. Was only talking and showing videos. They are waiting for Microsoft to see what they do.

    • Dimitri k.

      You do realize companies are starting to do this right? a few other companies have done this & even BlackBerry did it with the Z10. They announced the software & s**t & the phone was announced almost a year or so later.

      Sony announced the Hardware, controller & games. The PS4 could be done but they want to finish everything up before announcing it.

    • Brad F

      cause obviously E3 is the big date. its still a long way to the holidays, why would they show the price of it now, its not like you’ll be able to get one any sooner.

      the only joke of the presentation was when blizzard came on…… and then just said they’re doing diablo 3 for ps3/4, lol that was such a good troll, might have been the best troll of the year (even tho its only feb)

    • Arjuna Gnanam

      Not really… The console is set for release Holiday 2013… Between now and then lies E3.

      Revealing the console now would kill the hype for June.

    • Tyrone

      It would be stupid of Sony to show the console and give Microsoft the upper hand they make chances to their console before they make their presentation. Screamer the two prices are 429 and 529 according to Kotaku.

  • wotzit2ya

    Will beleive it when I see it .Let’s just say Sony does not have a good track record when they say things ….

  • Ok

    The second screen feature sounds cool but Canada’s internet services are not ready for such a thing. Until they abolish these ridiculous data caps they’ve put on us, we’ll be stuck in third world country status for internet.

  • Val

    It just seemed like Sony wanted to say FIRST… without actually saying anything else.

  • Nexzen

    For those complaining about them not showing the price or system. It’s for competitive reasons. Microsoft always want to beat Sony at pricing. Also, Sony consoles attract more japanes gamers. Microsoft wants that market and they don’t want them to change their design of the xbox looking at the ps4.

  • galaxy blob

    Coming Holiday 2013? Does that mean it is available at Easter? Or do we have to wait til May 24?

    • Dimitri k.

      Its coming November / December 2013.

  • Keith

    No Windows 8, Windows Phone or Blackberry apps?? Nothing like alienating half your potential market before you even start. You can be sure Microsoft will not be that dumb.

    • Tyrone

      Why would they even support Windows 8 or Windows Phone on a rival console? That’s just stupid.

  • rockman

    That presentation was AMAZING!

    How can anyone say otherwise! You got to be nuts to think that wasn’t incredible!