Tim Hortons TimmyMe app updated just in time for “RRRoll Up the Rim to Win”

Ian Hardy

February 18, 2013 10:55am

There are a few staples in Canada, such as hockey and maple syrup. Another is Tim Hortons and their “RRRoll Up the Rim to Win” extravaganza. This tradition kicked off today and surely Canadians will flock to their local coffee house for the chance to win a free donut, beverage or possibly a car. Timmies is celebrating this by going beyond the cup with an online game called “Rrroll up Roulette” that can be played online or on your mobile. To play you’ll have to fork over all your personal info, but the game is simple. You basically spin the roulette wheel and win daily badges and prizes. This will keep your Tims addiction going strong.

The TimmyMe app has also been updated and now supports the ability to register your TimCard and reload with funds from your mobile. All the other features are the same: find the 20 closest Timmies, check your balance and look up the nutritional info. iOS and Android are now sitting at version 4.0 and BlackBerry is up to version 3.2.1 (supports BlackBerry 10).

Source: TimmyMe for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

  • Dave

    whats the website to get to the contest?

  • Tales

    The BB10 version isn’t updated yet.

  • Wilbour


  • Aoof

    I like turtles.

  • Dan

    The BB10 app is at 3.2.1 is the BBOS app.

  • Brett


  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    Tim Hortons, you need to change your app icon. Just looking at the steaming cup of coffee induces liquid diarrhea.

  • john

    Doesn’t work. I created an account and after completing it i just get a blank red screen. Also doesn’t work on their crappy website, just gets a time out error when i try to play.

    • schultzter

      Same here! Just a blank red screen!!! Quebec thing?


    Can you win real prizes from the game? Or is it just for entertainment?

  • Patty Agrapides

    try to play roll up online but it would not accept my wmaik address..what am I doing wrong?

  • OgtheDim

    ” To play you’ll have to fork over all your personal info, but…”

    And nobody sees anything wrong with this?

    • GC

      No, there’s nothing wrong with providing your name, address, email address, and phone number for a contest.

    • R u Serious?

      Are you serious?
      If i was going to give my Name, Address, Email and phone number, it forsure would not be to Tim Hortons. I like them, but not enough for me to hand over that much information just so I can roll-up-the-rim-to win…
      I can just see it already…
      Someone hacks them and they issue an apology lol
      No thank you!

    • Slappy

      Are you in the phone book?

  • Christian

    It’s working this morning … will see how it’s work in the futur!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    @Brad F (dickless pic)

    Sorry you have to go through life looking like that.

  • margaret Gerritse

    i cannot get into rrroll up to win i went on 1 day and everything went fine, now i cannot get in. please help me