Bump for iPhone and Android gains phone-to-computer sharing

Daniel Bader

February 15, 2013 12:52pm


Bump for Android and iOS has received a nice update today, bringing phone-to-computer sharing. This means that you can now share photos, files, app suggestions and contacts to the web (which can then be downloaded or sent to whomever you want) just by tapping on your keyboard spacebar with your phone.

It works pretty magically, I have to admit, since there’s no signups or logins; Bump works by matching digital signatures between devices, be it two smartphones or, now, between a smartphone and a computer.

I’ve been using the new functionality to transfer photos between my phone and the PC; it’s incredibly fast and works very well.

If you haven’t tried Bump yet, it’s a great addition to your mobile repertoire.

Download Bump for Android and iOS.

  • Aitwith

    I thought it’s had this functionality for a while now? I used it this past summer for sure.

  • MC

    Yup. bumping to computers has been out for a while already

  • Samuel

    I used to hate it when I saw others saying what Ièm about to say but the time has come.

    It is the lack of news really that bad that you guys have to bring this up when this functionality has been around for over 6 months now? I mean it was news then, but now it is just sad.

  • KL

    @Samuel….you’re busting balls here. This functionality may have been around, but the BUMP app itself is new, no? I for one didn’t know about it, so it’s news to me and perhaps several others.

    As for the feature, and again…new to me and some others. This is cloud dependent and will use your data, 2x on the up and down. I don’t know about you all,,,but with i think ‘bump’, i think NFC, but in this case, it’s not.

  • t3d

    I almost downloaded it but checked out the privacy policy first. Pretty invasive. No thanks.