Sonos updates iOS and Android apps alongside release of new Playbar speaker

Daniel Bader

February 13, 2013 6:04pm

Sonos is one of our favourite ways to listen to music in the home. With extensive support for services like Rdio, Slacker Radio, SiriusXM, iTunes and more, the WiFi-enabled speaker system can be as compact or extensive as your budget allows.

We’ve covered the company’s excellent iOS and Android apps before, but with the release of Playbar, Sonos’ new home theatre solution for wireless playback, some upgrades were issued to make things work a little bit better across the ecosystem.

The Android app got a bump to version 4.0 and now allows users to access favourite songs, stations and playlists with Sonos Favourites. There’s also a new multi-size Now Playing widget and better taskbar notifications. The iOS app got bumped to version 4.0 with the same feature set and support for the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen.

Download Sonos Controller for Android and iOS.

  • Brian

    Baws I love my Sonos!

    – Baba Booey

  • JP

    Sonos is slowly but surely building its media base and is by far the best wifi audio component player out there. In comparison, Bose has not kept up ( CD player? iPod dock? Please!) and is now relegated to late night infomercials. Throw ANY audio file at Sonos- it plays it, Comercial free TuneIn Internet radio like 50+ CBC genre streams? Its got that too. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the free Apps.
    -Love it