437 and 365 area codes going live in the GTA on March 25th

Ian Hardy

February 13, 2013 8:27am

Due to the “growing use of cell phones and other mobile devices” the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) will welcome a couple new area codes to the mix on March 25th. The Telecommunications Alliance – which is comprised of Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Vidéotron – previously made this announcement back in July of 2011, but reinforced this news today. If you’re in the Toronto area you’ll be seeing area code 437 added to 416/647 area codes. In addition, 365 area code will be added to the 905/289 regions.

The 416/647 area codes are estimated to run out by July of 2015 and these new area codes, according to Glenn Pilley, Director of the Canadian Numbering Administrator, are expected “to be assigned over the coming months as part of a seamless transition process.”

Source: New Area Codes
Via: CNW

  • lol

    Team 647 forever!

    • Telecommunications Alliance

      Canada so far from heaven and so close to

      “The Telecommunications Alliance – which is comprised of Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Vidéotron”

      And the CRTC “The Canadian Hearing Commission” All they do is keep asking: What do people want?
      -No more 3yr contracts
      -Is the people sure??
      -YES WE ARE!
      -OK hold on I will make a “hearing”
      -No more 3yr contracts please!
      -What??, people need more time to THINK about it?no prob!
      -No more 3 yr contracts please!!
      -What’s that?? CLEAR billing?? Sure, let me have a hearing and look into that!
      -etc etc

    • Telecommunications Alliance

      Is the Telecomm alliance the same body that BANS DELL VOICE and SKYPE and other services in Canada??

    • pimp

      i’ve got hoesss..i’ve got hoes..in different area codes…..

  • chrisvassos

    905 Till I Die

    • c

      I live in a different city now and I’m sticking with my 905 area code, I’ve had that number since I was in elementary school, not givin’ that ‘ish up!

  • josh

    416 for life!! Can I get a thumbs up for that!!?

  • EvanK

    My god, how many area codes are there in the GTA? I find 204 and 431 difficult enough to remember in the Winnipeg region.

  • Dave

    This sites’ comments section was better when teenage kids didn’t know about it

  • lukeiphone

    Why not 420?

  • Tom

    For those that wonder why Canada is the only country with no SkypeIn etc.

    “The Telecommunications Alliance – which is comprised of Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Vidéotron”

  • dizzle

    how about getting rid of 3 yr contracts and suing the big 3 for price fixing and monopolizing the market ?

    waste of time and resources. instead of going after bigger issues they go what will help continue drive the money.


    • mcescoli

      Unfortunately, until the world learns to drop the monetary system and embrace a resource based economy, things like this, about excessive greed, will continue to happen.

    • Peter

      Sorry mcescoli but been your boyfriend thinks your arse is a toxic dump and not a resource. :-p

  • K

    ugh… even more “wrong numbers” from dialing the wrong area code.

  • Joe

    The problem with 437 is that it’s easily miss-dialed with 347 (New York). My Google Voice number is a 347 number, I would probably try very hard to get the 437 equivalent to catch miss-dials.

  • Joe

    You can still get 416 from Fido. And Bell seems to have so many 416 left they are using it for data sticks.

  • Happyboy

    Three area codes in Alberta and growing

  • djino


  • Kyouya

    We have way too many area codes in Ontario. This needs to change.

  • Peter Griffin

    Time to lengthen phone numbers to at least 9 digits instead of the current seven. That way this won’t keep being an issue every couple years and everyone can have the same area code.