Cordy 2 hits iOS and Android, easily one of the best mobile platforming games to date

Daniel Bader

February 11, 2013 10:05pm

One of the best mobile platformers to hit iOS and Android in recent years has sprung a sequel. Cordy 2 was released this past week for both Apple and Google’s mobile platforms, and it is a surprisingly fun and challenging experience.

The game gives you control of the titular character as you run, jump and zap your way through colourful 3D environments on a 2D plane. The game uses on-screen controls but unlike many mobile platformers, developers SilverTree Media have paid lots of attention to the inertial movement of Cordy, and the game feels lively and fluid as a result. Aside from his jump, Cordy is able to perform specific moves on a contextual basis; an icon will appear on the right side of the screen only when needed, saving precious space for the gorgeous artwork.

The game runs at a nice 60fps clip on modern iOS and Android devices, and looks fantastic on the big screen. Though it may cost a bit much for the average mobile gamer, it’s a huge game with 48 levels spanning three worlds.

Download Cordy 2 for iOS and Android. The first four levels are free; the full game costs $4.99 as an in-app purchase.

  • JP

    Agreed! Great game!

  • hwllonewwoeld123

    My cousin in India had this game last week.

    • Jodie

      This game should be free.

  • parabyte

    Please come to BB10, we welcome you!

  • zed

    Question, as I’m really curious and I never bought content through in-app purchases. Does the content stay linked to your Market account? Or if you delete and reinstall the app (perhaps on a different phone) it still gives you the content you purchased?

    Might make me buy it if I don’t lose the content everytime I flash new ROMS on my phone.