Snowed in? Here are 12 great weather apps for your smartphone

Daniel Bader

February 8, 2013 10:27am

It’s that time of year again! Pale and soft, the world screeches to a halt as the white stuff falls from the sky. It’s Snowmageddon, Snowpocalyse, Snowapalooza!

OK, so maybe it won’t affect everyone, but there’s a huge snowstorm passing by Southern Ontario (the centre of the world, amiright?) so we thought it would be a good idea to recount the best weather apps for each smartphone platform.


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The Weather Network

There are a lot of great weather apps for Android, but my favourite continues to be The Weather Network. It supports both smartphones and tablets (properly) and has incredibly accurate information, down to the square kilometre, for Canadian addresses.

It also reports any inclement weather alerts in easy-to-read language, and provides current weather conditions as well as hourly and long-range forecasts. It also contains detailed radar maps of current and predicted systems, and charts showing temperature, wind speeds and precipitation levels over time.

While the widget may need some work, and it doesn’t support push notifications, The Weather Network is your best bet for an all-round weather experience on Android.

Download The Weather Network [free, ad-supported]

Honorable Mention:

Eye In the Sky [free] [paid] – a gorgeous app that lacks the full feature set of TNW but makes up for it by adhering to Holo guidelines.

Notification Weather [free] [paid] – a weather app that lives in your Jelly Bean notification bar. It doesn’t get much Android than this.


Photo 2013-02-08 12 10 14 AM Photo 2013-02-08 12 10 09 AM

Weather Underground

It may not be the prettiest on the platform, but Weather Underground continues to be one of the most functional free weather apps available for iOS. It’s fast, with an extremely usable start page that combines current conditions, a short-range forecast and a navigable radar in one screen.

Then there are areas for hourly weather, a more extensive map, and Twitter updates based on your region. It even has tropical storm advisories and ski reports built into the app.

Ultimately, because Weather Underground supplies data from its own extensive network of weather stations, the information is always accurate.

Download Weather Underground for iOS [free, ad-supported]

Honorable Mention:

Swackett [free with in-app purchases] – a rather unorthodox weather app, it combines current conditions and forecasts with a series of faceless models called Peeps that wear the right outfits for the climate. Strange, but oddly intriguing.

Solar [$1.99] – gorgeous and gesture-based, Solar for iPhone is definitely minimalist but provides a blank canvas on which to pinch, double-tap and swipe your way to contentment.

Windows Phone

Weather Flow

One of the best examples of how beautiful Windows Phone apps can be, Weather Flow utilizes the Metro interface to good effect. With a recent update it also supports lock screen backgrounds and weather updates, and the full-size live tile is gorgeous.

Download Weather Flow for Windows Phone. [$1.99 with a 3-day trial period]

Honorable Mention:

Amazing Weather HD [$1.99 with free trial] – another beautiful Windows Phone weather client, the interface is a little more graphics-focused than Weather Flow, but doesn’t have the same amount of overall polish. It’s also not as fast, but has been updated recently to support Windows Phone 8 features like lock screen backgrounds.

The Weather Network [free, ad-supported] – not quite as up-to-date as the above two apps, but it has arguably better data for Canadians. No Windows Phone 8-specific features.


IMG_20130232 IMG_20130233


A well-designed and highly-polished launch app for BlackBerry 10, Accuweather provides all the details you need in one screen. It even displays the current weather conditions in an Active Pane on the multitasking menu. It has accurate maps, precipitation details and more. A must-download.

Download Accuweather for BlackBerry 10 (and legacy BB devices) [free, ad-supported]

Honorable Mention:

The Weather Network [free, ad-supported] – excellent free weather app for Canadians. It may not have the same feature set as its iOS and Android counterparts, but it does the job.

The Weather Channel [free, ad-supported] – despite being built as a native BlackBerry 10 app, The Weather Channel achieves a nice blend of unique style and practical usage.

  • Falzo

    Have you tried the Weather Network app on a 7in Android tablet?

    That’s not what I call proper support for tablets. It’s just the phone app blown up. Lots of empty space.

  • Tad Morose

    I’ve tried a ton of different weather apps for Android over the years and recently settled on Weather Bug.

    • Netguru

      I agree. I first used it on my computer desktop and then put it on my Android devices.

    • monsterduc1000

      I agree with you Tad. Weather Bug is my fave!

  • Roreh

    I’m currently using HD Widgets for my android phone which connects to accuweather. The widget itself is beautiful. Loved TWN, just wish they would visually clean it up. Weather apps for me are all about the visuals.

    • john

      Yeah, i use HD widgets too, i think it looks the best out off all the widgets, and it actually updates unlike a few other ones.

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol be thankful you guys didn’t get -40º+ weather as well like we had it here in Winnipeg for a whole week. I wouldn’t mind the snow since its a good excuse to stay home that day, its the freezing cold weather that makes it worse. If you live in Manitoba, you know what I’m talking about.

    • some guy

      Yes, but there is a reason why Canadians call it “Winterpeg” after all.

      But in all seriousness, bundle up. Don’t want your nose falling off in that weather.

  • Jenn Livingston

    No skymotion??? none of these tell you when to expect precipitation… meh

  • Bill Murray

    Wow, BlackBerry made it to an article with the word “smartphone” in the title. Times-a-changin… For the good!

  • shaggyskunk

    1 Weather and Beautiful Widgets!

  • Dave

    Tried many and always come back to Weather Bug.

  • Superfly

    That time of year again. …..3 months too late don’t you think

  • Arber

    Beautiful Widgets is the best (though it costs $2.60)

  • Mischa Price

    are people really snowed in? we probably wont have snow again in Vancouver

  • Superfly

    Vancouver licks balls. The warm weather keeps drug addicts and homeless around.

  • someguy

    I prefer the weather channel app, as its large 2×2 widget shows weather, wind, and feels like temperature on widget itself and its preety accurate to weather network app .

  • sky

    I like smartphones

  • ConstT

    WeatherBug: “so far today Precipitation: 0.0 mm”. Ha-Ha, extremely accurate. Plus its navigation – s**t.
    TWN – kind of OK, I would probably improve UI and widgets.

  • Burl

    1Weather is a slick weather app.

  • Jimmy

    Bahaha 6 inches of snow & Toronto Shuts down. It’s Canada, its February & its called winter.

    Signed – The Rest of the Universe.

    • some guy

      No self respecting Canadian is freaked out by 20cm of snow, even in Toronto. However, the people driving in it who can’t comprehend the change in traction properties due to the funny, cold, white stuff, deserve to be stuck in the ditch. Just do it when I’m not trying to get somewhere, please and thank you.

      It should be mandatory for anyone to get their license, to pass a winter driving test.
      But I digress.
      I use BW, so it’s Accuweather.
      Haven’t really looked at any other widgets, I just want to know what the general forecast is.

    • thorty

      toronto cries when they have a windchill of minus 20

      back to topic: i use TWN and Weaterbug for android

    • Torontoisretarded

      Here here! Toronto is retarded, people there are a bunch of deluded pussies.

  • keyur

    i am not snowed in i am waiting for FedEx to arrive so i can get my nexus 4

  • glonq

    For android uses, I highly recommend the AIX Weather widget. Lots of useful info crammed into one little chart.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    you missed my favourite; skyMotion [free]; which tells you exactly what to expect NOW, in 5 min to hourly intervals. It usually saves looking out the window. and as a full time cyclist, it’s nice to know exactly when the snow or rain will (or preferably won’t) start.
    [simple, but to the point, and fairly accurate, so far].

  • Jason

    The Weather Network is a real love hate for me. It has great detailed information but the app itself is a dog. On several occasions the widget or the app itself has stayed on accessing data for hours at a time and killed my battery (confirmed it was TWN with BetterBatteryStats). I finally gave up on it and switched to Eye in the Sky.

  • Canucks4Life

    GO Weather EX FTW!!! I love the widget =)

  • Lalit

    Degrees on android is by far the best weather app for us canucks

  • Les Blumhagen

    Personally, I prefer Em_Weather. It gets the forecast straight from Environment Canada, and is a simple, readable format on my Motorola Atrix.

  • Koala MeatPie

    I swear by WeatherBug on Android.
    I’m a Pilot, has all the info I need. 9in conjuction to my other Nav Canada websites)