Limited edition red BlackBerry Z10, QWERTY Dev Alpha C coming to developers

Daniel Bader

February 5, 2013 8:40am


Developers at the BlackBerry Jam Conference in Amsterdam will be walking out with at least one cool new gadget: a limited edition red BlackBerry Z10 with a developer-specific inscription behind the battery door. This red delicious is quite the looker, and is available to developers who submitted an app for the Z10’s launch window, which was before January 21st. There are only 12,000 of these red beauties, so they will certainly be highly-coveted within specific circles.


Both the front and back are painting the town red, though the finish is glossy to the retail Z10’s matte black features. I’m loving the look of the red Z10 and think I will try to get my hands on one.


Media is also getting a hands-on with the new Dev Alpha C device, which will become available in the coming months as developers adjust their apps to work on the 1:1 ratio 720×720 screen of the BlackBerry Q10. The Dev Alpha C may not be pretty — it’s boxy in the same way as the Alpha and Alpha B devices were — but it’s meant to do a job, and it comes with that excellent fretted QWERTY keyboard.

Being the release of the BlackBerry Z10 today in Canada, we can’t help but be excited for all these BB-related developments.

Source: Pocket-lint, N4BB

  • COBwiggy

    That’s slick

  • BlackBerry

    pretty z10

  • AbeZ

    Red and black always go together i find and this is no different. Very good looking.

  • Kid.Canada

    I hope they we’re selling that red z10 along with the black and white colors. Looks so nice and would’ve drew a lot more attention.

  • til-bar

    That is a nice looking unit…a bit jealous right now

  • BIll Murray

    I CALLED IT! (for those of you who read my post on another story). Red on black is just sharrpppp.

  • wotzit2ya

    The look on the guy’s face is priceless

    ” Oh god am stuck with Rogers for 3 years “

    • Raid

      Wrong article bro.

  • Ghoul

    Looks more orange than red, but still looks pretty damn nice.

  • Dave

    I thought it would have been a bit of a darker red. regardless still looks great!

  • kibi

    red is nice for girls…I’ll stick to black

  • 15ive

    Look at the way BlackBerry and raspberry loving each other. Us Canadians sure knows how to put on a show. BlackBerry I see you player.

  • 3df

    I’m probably in the minority (or maybe it’s the picture on my screen), but the Z10 does not look good in red.

  • Sweet

    The red is a little too orange for me. I would much prefer something closer to a pure red.

  • yeswecan

    Are you blind Bader? That’s blood orange, NOT red!

  • Cody

    Best Blackberry I’ve ever seen. Still won’t ever buy one though.