Nokia Lumia 620 coming to TELUS and Koodo Mobile

Ian Hardy

February 4, 2013 4:11pm

A few weeks ago we let you know that the Nokia Lumia 620 would be heading towards Rogers Wireless this March. The price points for this entry-level Windows Phone 8 device are still up in the air, but we’re hearing it’ll come in about $300 outright. According to these screenshots from Nokia’s Navifirm (a tool for downloading firmware images and obtaining product codes) states that the Lumia 620 (RM-846) will be coming to both TELUS and Koodo. There’s no indication of the release date, but will most likely coincide with Rogers.

The Lumia 620 was officially announced back in December and sports a 3.8-inch display (resolution of 800×480), 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage (expandable up to 32GB), 5MP camera that shoots 720p video, WiFi and NFC.

We’ll have more info soon!

(Thanks tipster!)

  • ile2010

    That’s some good news right there. I doubt that the phone will be $300 on Koodo. $300 is too much for this phone.

    As long as it comes at about $250 or less, I suspect that it’ll do just fine. Make it $300 and it’ll bomb.

  • 512 RAM

    512 RAM in April 2013…$300??

    Its a joke right? You can get the Galaxy S2x with Jelly Bean coming on Feb 17th for $300 (Via Koodo)

    The Lumia 620 in not worth more than $99-$149 in North America. Right now the Lumia 610 sells for $149 (NOT) so $99-129 for a 3.8″ is ok.

    • Keith

      The Lumia 620 is a surprisingly good entry level phone and far superiour to a SG2.

  • Richard

    Just as they did with the z10, S3 and S2X, Koodo will sell this for less than their competitors. Im guessing $225 outright – $75 on the tab.

  • len

    @512 RAM…
    Will you stop comparing everythign that spec to andriod…
    Andriod needs higher specs than iOS and WP8 to operate…

    Im not saying that Andriod is a bad OS… I personally like it quite a bit, but the specs game seems to only matter to Android as the other 3 OS(iOS, WP8, BB10) work fine with lower specs.

    Please keep that in mind.


  • Miknitro

    Seems like a Petro-Can pay and go phone instead of a big three unit.

    • thumbsdowndon

      Seems like you’re a nitromoron … THUMBS DOWN!

  • Bob Westlake

    Telus, bring us the 920 or the 8x. Not this crap.

  • Derek

    I’m with you on that Bob. My question is can you scour that list and glean any info on if Telus may get the 920?

  • glonq

    This isn’t a bad phone, but with great values out there like the Samsung Galaxy II X, you just can’t charge $300 for the Lumia 620. It’s a $150 phone.

  • Rick


  • damreal

    Whats sad is this phone is 250 unlocked in the U.S ( GSM model)with numerous colors to choose from ! for 250! Yet Telus give 1 color black with white back locked to Telus for 250 !! I mean really !! Nice of Canadian providers to back Window devices !! Rogers did with e W7 phone and W8 why not Bell or Virgin or Telus!! This dame phoe has layed over in Asia close to a year and it flopped now Telus brings it here !! Screw that !! The 720 and 520 in Barcelona are looking sweet that will be my Win 8 purchase !!