Chrome beta for Android now natively supports WebGL

Daniel Bader

January 27, 2013 11:18am

Chrome beta for Android has been updated, yet again, to enable the popular chrome://flags submenu. The popular toggle has been a hotbed of experimental features and sneak peek dreams for years on the desktop, and now Android users can have a taste.

Only a few toggles actually work on the Android version, but chief among them is the ability to enable WebGL natively. This JavaScript API allows for high-quality 3D renderings within a browser window, and has been shown to facilitate some amazing things.

Chrome for Android has been quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the mobile space. Its ability to sync history, bookmarks and settings with the desktop version is a huge boost for crossover users, and its rendering engine, based on WebKit, is increasingly standards-compliant, able to render both desktop and mobile web pages adroitly. Now that the Chrome code itself is catching up to its desktop counterpart, expect development of the browser to increase in quality and speed. The beta version has already been updated several times since its release, far more than the official version ever was.

Download Chrome beta for Android.
Via: Android Police

  • BB10

    Will this work with BB10?

    • omar

      i dont get how this is any different than chrome that was already on play store..

  • Mark

    The BB10 browser has WebGL built in. PlayBook has already been supporting WebGL as the first tablet to support WebGL natively, and BB10 also supports it natively. Supposedly, the BB10 browser is better than Chrome, as BB10 passed the Ring 1 on RingMark, unlike Chrome.

  • NotAHater

    Ok BB10.. now try syncing your history, bookmark, and settings to your desktop browser. STFU!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Well, this is cool. Too bad they can’t do the same thing with Chrome for iPhone, that would be awesome.

  • Acco

    It may be there. It’s slow as hell and definitely WIP. My benchmark is being able to view the Ellie Goulding Lights WebGL experiment. If it’s unplayable, then it’s not ready.

  • monsterduc1000

    Still not as good as Boat, which still supports flash, or Dolphin. The little thingslike a having a bookmark button so you don’t have to do multiple steps to see them needs to be addressed. Getting much better, but Boat is still my default.

    • S2556

      I use chrome on my desktop and I just love the way it syncs everything too much to leave

  • DeeZee

    I tried the Beta, but I went back to Boat.

  • S2556

    Full screen mode is a GO!

  • Jeremy

    Firefox for Android has had WebGL in the released version for a while. Strange that this is news in a Chrome beta.