Sony releases alpha version of Jelly Bean for Xperia T as it nears public release

Daniel Bader

January 25, 2013 6:56pm

Sony has been promising a Jelly Bean upgrade to its flagship Xperia T since its release in November, and it seems that the company is now making major strides towards its public release. Although Rogers says the update will arrive in mid-February, Sony is giving users of its unlocked Xperia T handsets a taste of Jelly Bean in order to work out the kinks.

According to a developer blog posted today, the test build is aimed at custom ROM developers who want to experiment with creating downloadable software with a Android 4.1 base. It appears that this release is separate to the public “locked” version, which is ostensibly already in carriers’ testing facilities.

The Xperia T is a great phone, and should find itself significantly better with a dash of Google Now and Project Butter, the main ingredients in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. We’re hoping that the public release isn’t delayed again, as carriers have pushed back the upgrade’s original release from early January to mid-February.

Source: Sony
Via: Android Community

  • Miknitro

    No one happy about this?

  • Brian

    Great news for the five people that own it!

    • Sony? No thanks!

      I actually sold mine last week for $120!
      So there are four in total out there (if you count the Demo of the picture)

      -They launch a GREAT phone with ICS in November 2012 with Jelly Bean “Coming Soon”
      -Nobody buys those lies anymore; not from Sony, LG, Moto etc.
      (We all have bought a phone on promises of upgrades and have learned our lesson at this point)
      -Dec comes and Sony says: “Upgrade coming VERY SOON” as an effort to sell a few over the holidays:Nobody buys the lies or the phones
      -January: Upgrade pushed to mid-February (Read Mid March)
      etc etc etc, by the summer they will release the newer model and we all know what’s going to happen. No news here.


    It’s been a long time since…
    RIP RIM!!!

  • Mark

    Who even bought this phone?

    • Sony? No thanks!

      People that BELIEVED SONY!
      There are not that many out there anymore though….

      -Selling on Kijiji almost brand new for under $300 now.

      -In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S2 from 2011 sells for $220-240!! and HAS JELLY BEAN!!

      -Watch and Learn Sony: A February 2013 launch with Jelly Bean should have been a better option. The $$ that went to James Bond, should have been put to get JB faster and make it for the Holidays. Oh, well we will just keep on avoiding LG, Sony etc until they learn it: in the mean time if you like Android, the way to go is Nexus or Samsung.

  • Osama

    people bashing this choice of a phone, but what choice did we have with Robbers? anyways, was very disapointed that i couldnt root the Robbers version of firmware, hopefully i will be able to root the next flash!