The LG Optimus G Pro exists, and it is a monster

Daniel Bader

January 22, 2013 11:41am

nexusae0_image58 nexusae0_image57

It seems that Japan gets all the cool stuff.

After last week’s rumour, which we thought would come to fruition at Mobile World Congress, it seems that NTT Docomo preempted LG’s own announcement of its Optimus G Pro handset.

With a 5-inch 1080p display, a 1.7Ghz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, a 13MP camera and a 3000mAh battery, all running on Android 4.1, the Optimus G Pro looks to be quite the monster handset. It also appears that LG has opted, at least on the Japanese model, for a hardware home button reminiscent of the Galaxy S III. In fact, the Optimus G Pro looks nothing like its smaller namesake. It appears far more “generic black/white slab,” which is not such a bad thing but will certainly take some getting used to.

On the plus side, it appears as if the bezel around the screen has been minimized to proportions not seen since the RAZR M.

Now, the announcement of the Optimus G Pro for Japanese markets means nothing to Canadians unless LG deems it worthy to adapt for a wider market. Since the Optimus G is still so new to the market, they could wait until Q2 or Q3 and release a proper sequel, a handset boasting one of Qualcomm’s leaner, meaner Snapdragon chips and perhaps a new version of Android. And that’s exactly what we’ve heard.

But much like Sony often releases an updated version of its flagship device a few months later, LG could opt to do the same thing for the North American audience. It would be a shame to waste an opportunity to market such a beast of a smartphone in a country that loves big phones and fast speeds.

Source: NTT Docomo
Via: Android Police

  • vn33

    Come to think of it, people were surprised when I got my Dell Streak, and here we are …

    • Eduardo

      No offense but a 480 x 800 pixel display is nowhere the same as a 1080p display. I also doubt your Streak has the same dimensions as this thing (still not a fan of LG or 5″ phones)



    • Blackberry World

      I stopped reading after:”With a 5-inch 1080p display….”

      MY phone ADAPTS TO ME and HAS to COVER MY NEEDS, not the other way around.
      When RIM stopped covering my needs I jumped to iOS, then in my case I found 3.5″ too small and jumped into an Android 4.5″-phone. I find 5″ impossibly big to handle with one hand. Hnadling it with two to avoid dropping is something I can’t afford. Bottom line is 5″ is too big to handle with one hand and if 4.5″ screen barely lasts me a day I think I will stay where I am thanks!
      I like the S3 but I see people looking for plugs all the time, I can’t imagine a 5″ phone.

      -Looks like I will pass 2013 with a phone from 2012. Call me in 2014 to see if OEMS have gottten a bit of common sense.

  • LOL

    Very nice specs but I still would not buy anything from LG.

  • Brendan

    a 3000mAh camera eh?

    • boojay

      Makes my 2000 mAh camera look like $h|t.

  • iphoneee

    a monster with no google maps?

  • Wow

    a 3000mAh camera!!! Wow!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    EDIT: 13MP Battery and a 3000mAh Camera.

  • Mike

    3000mAh camera?
    That’s way more mAh than my camera! And mine is a SLR!

  • John Lee

    3000mAh camera? I guess you can now zap people just by taking their pictures. :p

    • Dave

      Don’t snap me, bro!

    • some guy

      Don’t bro me, if you don’t know me!

  • EvanKr

    32GB of storage standard, now THAT’s more like it!

  • Tomatoes11

    I actually would rather have the Optimus G over this. This seems to be a few steps forward(screen, bigger baterry) and a whole lot of steps backward(design, thickness, size).


    That glossy indigo back looks pretty cheap, and the physical button on the front is identical to the Samsung Note II’s

  • RL

    I bought an LG phone once…..once.

  • Comment Master

    If this is a monster…XPHONE from google and motorolla WILL be the Monster ++++++++++

  • deltatux

    As much as the specs sounds awesome, I still don’t get why manufacturers need to make screens larger. I can barely use my Nexus 4 with only one hand. I think manufacturers should work on battery capacity than just making the screens larger.

    • Mark

      Solution to your problem and to anyone else in the “screen is too big” camp: REACH. Honestly this is the silliest excuse in the world. I know people that have overcome partial blindness, confinement to a wheelchair, and mental illness, but it seems for some that the limit of human adaptability is shifting a phone ahead in their palm by two centimeters.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    LG is Korean. The Xperia Z has the same specs and is Japanese. The Z will far outsell the G because in Japan, Japanese products rule, while Korean stuff is not popular. I remember when I was in Japan, there were no Samsung products in stores (especially not TV’s)

    • TP

      lol and by your logic Samsung is from which country?

    • bulletwithbatwings

      Samsung is Korean, which is why there were few products available in Japan. I’m not sure what you understood?

  • Miknitro

    Doable, but it’s LG so I will pass.

  • Alex

    LG is like Audiovox a couple years ago; expect regrets.

  • Ivan

    Are you the Nexus 5?

  • iJohn

    after my eyes gets damaged from looking all day at a 3inch screens, I thought i got a solution and start using 4inch, then that crap started all over again can’t see 4 then i moved to 5 now 5 to small next I need 6. Seriously can you guys make a one final model phone like a 15 inches screen that i don’t have to change phone every year 🙁

  • Glass.Back.Bad.Idea

    Where is the glass back? I think LG finally realized that it is such a dumb idea that it doesn’t make sense anymore.

  • testing

    Is it just me, or this phone looks beautiful?

  • Bernie

    I’m going to Japan in April, so instead of the older Optimus G L-01E, I might snag this or the Xperia Z SO-O2E.

    Damn, 3000mAh is godly.