Facebook for Android gains faster photo viewing, better sharing capabilities and voice notes

Daniel Bader

January 19, 2013 10:12am


Facebook for Android has been updated for the first time since it went native back in December. While there are only a couple new additions to the app, the experience has been improved overall. Focusing on faster photo loading speeds, the Android team has also added the ability to share your friends’ posts on others’ timelines, as well as pages and groups you subscribe to.

And, as it just did with Messenger, Facebook now allows users to send quick voice memos through the app itself. Facebook won’t comment on when it is bringing VoIP calling to the Android platform, but it should already be in testing and will arrive in due time.

Download Facebook for Android.

Via: TNW

  • steve

    Exactly copying an app called WeChat… check it out.

    • Will this be available for the BB10?

      There is no release date for BB10, but will this be available for the phones when/if they are released?

    • sp

      there is a date for release on BB10 and its not January 30th, 2012.

      i cant post it yet, but you will all be pleasantly surprised how soon it will be available.

      so shut it already about the no date thing…

  • Mark

    And it also trys to trojan horse its way into your contact list.

  • Crank

    Stil crap compared to the iOS version of Facebook 🙂