LG aims to sell 75 million devices in 2013, could return to Windows Phone market

Daniel Bader

January 17, 2013 7:01am

LG made one of the best first-generation Windows Phone devices in the Optimus 7, and proved that despite its reputation it wasn’t just a low-cost phone OEM. Now that we have the Optimus G and an assured influx of new devices for the next few quarters, LG plans to take back some of the market share lost to Samsung, Sony, HTC and Motorola over the last few years.

According to the Korea Times, LG intends to sell at least 75 million devices this year, charting a course for greater profitability after a tepidly successful 2013. With an impending sequel to the Optimus G and rumours of a larger 5.5-inch “phablet” in the works, the bulk of the company’s sales will be smartphones — likely 45 million — with a shrinking number of “dumb” devices rounding out the mix.

There is also a distinct possibility that LG could return to creating Windows Phones this year as WP8 gains popularity among mainstream consumers. Picking up on Nokia’s momentum, LG plans to release its first Windows Phone device since the classy Optimus 7 and ill-fated Optimus Quantum, a device with a fantastic slide-out QWERTY keyboard. In fact, the Optimus Quantum was the first Windows Phone I ever purchased, though it was released at a time when most apps were not landscape-compatible.

Though the return to Windows Phone is likely a long-term play and a means to diversity its Android-heavy portfolio, LG is confident that 2013 will be the most profitable year for its growing mobile division. When we spoke to company representatives at CES last week, there was a palpable excitement for the coming months, as they promised great things to come.

Source: Korea Times
Via: UnwiredView

  • Greg

    They could start by pushing out more than 50 Nexus 4’s at a time.

    • RIM?

      RIM aims to sell 90 million devices in its first week of sales.

    • Raid

      Well played sir.

  • Opti

    Ah yes the LG Optimus. Terrible syncing software from M$ on my Mac. No upgrades at all for this phone for over a year. No matter though, I couldn’t get past the 2 screen interface and endless vertical scrolling due to the OS : Windows 7 (similar to Windows 8 in that regard). And the update allows you to resize the tiles, oh boy gonna miss that!

    • ile2010

      You call Microsoft “M$” but you bought a Mac. Am I the only one seeing the irony in this?

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack


      M$ and a Mac?

      What’s wrong with you? Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

  • AngolaCel

    before anything finish the nexus 4 orders
    i am sure you must have pissed off Google

  • JimSillyballs

    Cue nexus 4 jokes…

  • talarico

    Yeah – good luck with that LG!

  • Anthony

    I love windows phone and the more handset maker the better but LG need to beef up their quality and support

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    NEW TITLE: LG aims to take 75 million pre-orders and not fulfill them in 2013, could return to Windows Phone market

  • Opti

    As a developer I try to test as much as possible. I use a MBP because it works for me the best.

  • Miknitro

    I aim to win a Mobile Syrup contest one day.

    Good luck LG, you’re going to need it more then me I suspect.

  • Raptor

    Really LG? Dream baby dream. If u cannot sell that many, then blame yourself not us. Where is nexus 4 by the way? Still under production or you guys are still sleeping?

  • that’s me

    lg shouldn’t even be in the market to begin with.