Temple Run 2 making its way to iOS devices today, Android version coming next week

Daniel Bader

January 16, 2013 12:17pm

Popular run-and-run-some-more game, Temple Run, is getting a sequel for iOS devices today as the game’s developers, Imangi Studios, try to recreate the simple free-to-play elegance of the original.

The new game looks and feels almost identical to the first, but the environment has expanded from mostly jungle to what looks like a decrepit old fortress. The game introduces three new playable characters in addition to new powerups, obstacles achievements and, of course, more things to buy.

With a free-to-play style, users can enhance their experiences by purchasing new outfits as well as powerups and other niceties that would take ages to obtain by collecting coins. This is well-worn territory by now, as Imangi became very profitable off the original Temple Run for providing a great free game that never felt encumbered by its in-app purchase economy.

Expect Temple Run 2 later today, and we’ll update this post when it goes live in the App Store. The Android version will also be coming next week, confirms creator Keith Shepherd. That’s appreciably less time than the transition from iOS to Android for the original game, and proves that big-name developers are beginning to take Android seriously as a money-making platform.

Via: The Verge

  • asdasd


  • Andrew

    SO EXCITED! I love Temple Run. Guilty pleasure lol.

  • Matt

    they said it was supposed to be out around 11PM EST

    • James

      Right, and it’s not yet 11pm EST. Still have almost 12 hours to go. They said Wednesday night for a reason.

    • Dylan.D

      @James where did their comment say “it said its out at 11pm why isn’t it out yet?”

      they simply mentioned the time on which it was supposed to be released, which the article did not mention. No need to be a prick for no reason. 🙂

  • lukeiphone

    Somewhat a copy of the game pitfall

  • Dylan.D

    It’s a silly repettive game, but addictive and a easy time waster. Will download when available.

  • what

    temple run is dumb anyways. no one cares.

  • chris c.

    Oh great, more freemium crap, this and angry birds are over-hyped and overrated crap and yet there is a sucker born every minute.