ClockworkMOD developer releases Carbon, a Google Drive-compatible app backup solution

Daniel Bader

January 14, 2013 9:05pm

Noted ClockworkMOD developer, Koushik Dutta, has been relentless in his quest to improve the quality of the Android utilities, especially for root users. For ROM flashers, he made the incredibly-successful ROM Manager and associated ClockworkMOD custom recovery; for SMS to desktop fans, he wrote DeskSMS so users can see and reply to texts from a PC.

Over the weekend he announced Carbon, which is a working title for a backup app he’s been working on for some time. That it’s called Carbon is an inside joke for any in-the-know Android user fully aware that another app called Carbon was promised and never came to fruition. The idea before this Carbon is a simple, cloud-connected Titanium Backup of sorts. Users hook into Google Drive’s API and can backup and restore apps across devices over both 3G and WiFi. The apps themselves are stored on Google Drive but the sync data uses Google’s Cloud Messaging platform and a bit of Koush’s “automagic” flair.

The app has already proven incredibly useful, as I’ve been able to back up all the base app data from my Nexus 4 which I will later restore to my Nexus 10.

The developer plans to integrate Dropbox support as well as before it’s officially released, and he will bring a non-root version to the App Store which will use a computer as a go-between, though the details are scarce at the moment. Carbon is currently in beta and has a few bugs; the interface is also a bit clunky and the backup dialog boxes often crash or hang for long periods of time.

Download Carbon App Backup for Android.

Via: Droid-life


    RIP Twosee !!

  • ASH

    RIP Twosee !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Sean

    Really wish this kind of thing would be included in stock android

  • TZM

    This is awesome!

  • deltatux

    Too bad no support, I have 50 GB on which this would be amazing for.

  • curtis

    Duhh!! That’s one of the points of rooting/root apps. Google copy and help make future versions of android better.. #carbon. Nice.

  • TZM

    LOL @ hashtag.

  • Chris

    How is this different from Titanium Backup? It can backup to Box and Dropbox already?

  • Non

    This video is private :/

  • kayn

    So, if I understand this correctly, the current version of the app – and the apk download linked in the article – is only useable on rooted devices? I don’t mean to be rhetorical with my question either.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Yes, it currently needs, but why would you not be rooted?

  • Shervin

    Please…stop posting pictures of that damned Nexus.


  • Hugo B.

    It currently requires Root (for the Beta), but Koush says the final version won’t require it. Not too sure how he’ll make the magic happen, but I’m excited to see this happen.

    Even without root, it should be simple enough to back “non-market” apps, and save a “catalog” of DRM’d app + the app data. The application data is really the key here, because really, restoring an app from the play store is easy, but you always loose the data…

  • John

    Titanium backup will always be better.