Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 users reporting another OS update has arrived, brings “quality improvements for language”

Ian Hardy

January 13, 2013 11:32am

Rogers Nokia Lumia 920 users recently received the Portico update to fix the battery life and improved the camera experience, but now it seems another small update has been pushed through to Canadians. The details are slim, but 8.0.10211.204 fixes “quality improvements for language” and brings deeper support for French. If you have the Lumia 920 check to see if the update is waiting for you and let us know what else is involved: Settings -> Phone Update -> Check For Updates.

Source: MonWindownsPhone

  • Th3Grub

    Just got my update… Using english on my phone so I guess I will no see much difference.

    • The Real Twosee

      Poor butthurt Fandroids…
      Even Windows is putting them to shame.
      RIP Android 😀 😀

    • ripper


  • Andy

    Pretty impressive for Nokia. Already two updates.

    • Senor Chang

      When is notification centre coming?

    • Senor Chang

      Impresive? LMAO, is it also impressive that they are still holding out on Windows 7.8?

      Get a clue, jungle. Impressive hahaha.

  • Len

    Well that explains alot… I got the update last night… good to know whats up with it

  • BeaverJuicer

    I got this update back in December, 2 days after I installed Portico…

  • StanLee

    Still waiting on the Portico update for my HTC 8x on Bell… with no clue when/if we’ll ever get it. I’m NEVER going with Bell again. Absolutely no support for the devices they sell.

  • o2qc418

    This is possible to block “RIP RIM!!!!! … Every comment is trolled … no constructive comment !

    • Jerod

      Obviously Mobile Syrup doesn’t care.
      They have always had an Adroid bias on this site, so a little bit of RIM bashing is alright with them. It’s a shame really, that a Canadian site would promote blatant trolling against a company that employs so many Canadians.

    • Piff

      This is a democracy with freedom of speach. If you don’t like it move to China or North Korea. RIM get bashed today its ok, you’ll still live.

  • Carl

    My Ativ S came with that version and we are waiting for portico on my girlfriend 8X 🙂

    • StanLee

      The girlfriend’s 8x must be with Bell?

  • jlm

    Where is the yellow 920 🙁

  • cayote

    Why is this freaking Rogers offering only black color? Where is my yelllow?

  • aregularonhofo

    Just a quick update: me and my boyfriend Steve still like licking our lollipops every chance we get. Our undying love for each other knows no bounds!

    Oh Steve, please enter me gently! I am forever yours!

    P.S. Mobilicity sucks! Wind is #1!

  • Piff

    This is why I Windows Phone period. The timely updates and every device gets. I am waiting to see how the platform develops. If MS does indeed buy Nokia look out.