Jabra Revo Wireless stereo headset announced, “designed for hard-wearing, everyday use and portability”

Ian Hardy

January 7, 2013 4:04pm

The plethora of accessories that will be announced this week will be unreal. Jabra is early to the gate and they’ve revealed the “Jabra Revo Wireless” stereo headset. This, according to their press release, is “specifically designed for hard-wearing, everyday use and portability.” We’ll bring you some hands-on time with when the show floor opens up, but the gist of it is that the wireless Bluetooth Revo has Dolby Digital Plus embedded and can be paired with their Sound App (iOS and Android). No word on the weight, or price, but the Revo has an “aluminium frame, steel hinges and a shatter-proof headband for extreme flexibility.” This will be available in North America in Q2. Quick vide below.

Via: CNW

  • Twosee

    RIP Android 🙂

    • grog

      clearly says android in the descripion

  • HwyXingFrog

    I would be curious on battery life, and how well it would work as a headset on my PS3. Currently using the 1st Gen Sony PS3 headset for phone calls with my softphone all day on my PC, and then as a gaming headset on the PS3.

    If the price is right, the Jabra might be the better replacement, the 2nd gen PS3 headset just didn’t perform as I expected, and went back to FutureShop after testing.

  • David

    Price Price Price?!

    • Arn


  • Nathaniel James

    R.I.P Beats by Dre

    • Alex

      Beats by Dre is not a headphones, you shouldn’t even compare them with this one. Beats is crap overpriced peace of plastic with low performance amplifier.

  • Mahruf

    Anyone have an idea what the price might be?

  • Oldschool

    Hey I remember Jabra. Didn’t they make cool bluetooth headsets… In 2006? The ones with the boom mics.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Everything by Jabra is terrible.

  • Alen

    Shut up and take my money!
    I just broke a pair of Jabra Halo’s and the bluetooth market sucks. Plantronics has a nice earbud peice but this is right up my alley. Damn I’m excited!

  • 2see

    BTW… RIP Android 🙂

  • Rey

    Jabra Revo Wireless = 250$
    Jabra Revo = 200$