Pebble has big announcement for CES, likely a release date for its E-Paper watch

Daniel Bader

January 4, 2013 9:01am

“it’s time”

The Pebble E-Paper watch is coming, and the team will be making a big announcement at CES on Wednesday, January 9th. The press conference will be streamed live via, and we will be there bringing you the latest from the floor.

The most likely announcement is the release date of the watch to consumers, a topic of point of contention for the 68,000+ backers who committed over $100 nearly a year ago. An early success story for Kickstarter, the Pebble team has assiduously detailed every aspect of the development and manufacturing process.

Exciting stuff, and we hope to get a glimpse of the finished product some time next week, too!

Source: Pebble

  • Al Goranesivich

    What an ugly hellacious watch.

    No one is THAT big of a nerdy v****n loser that they need to read text messages on their wrist.

    • Slappy

      Apt description, it’s hideous. Surely you will receive beatings wearing this thing.

    • Blas

      Never underestimate the resolve of hipsters

  • phreezerburn

    How good is it? Apple is looking at copying it after poo-pooing all over their own user base playing around converting their 6th Gen Nano to a nixie tube styled wristwatch.

  • Graham

    Personally, I can’t wait to get mine. I’m just sorry i didn’t jump on the kickstarter bandwagon.

    And yes, I’m THAT big of a nerd. Also I need a watch, and that’s cheaper than most decently-made analogs on the market.

  • Catnip

    It’s nice to see quality of detail, but it’s taken them so long to get it out there they’ve lost some market lead.

    E.g. when Twine (programmable wi-fi sensor hub) was on Kickstarter in Fall 2011, it was unique. It took over a year to receive it (got mine Dec 2012), and in the meanwhile many similar projects came and went.

    I understand a lot of these things are prototypes/pre-orders, but Pebble will have to watch out because more competitors are slowly maneuvering into the space and have had a year to think about Pebble’s hype and popularity.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    um…exactly what is this?

  • Dave

    So glad I backed out of this… I would have never got it. This is the Duke Nukem Forever of watches.

  • Derek

    Will anyone over 12 wear this?