LG video hints at new devices, just in time for CES


January 3, 2013 8:26pm

CES 2013 is right around the corner, and LG has released a video that hints at what they’ll be bringing to Las Vegas. We only get a brief look at the two devices featured, but they look to be both the LG Optimus G (above) and a phone that’s docked in what could be a larger printer. Could we be seeing some kind of photo sharing/printing combination from the tech giant?

Either way, we’ll be able to find out once we arrive at the convention and we’ll make sure to keep you all informed. What do you think the video hints at? Check it out below and let us know in the comments.

Source: LG
Via: Android Central

  • Tommy Thompson

    ” and a phone that’s docked in what could be a larger printer” if you are referring to what’s at the 20 second mark…that’s a top load washer with a touchscreen…

    • Ontario Teachers

      Just a reminder that Ontario teachers are being bullied by the government and having their way of life DESTROYED with illegal and unfair wage freezes. Please support your teachers.

    • Tyco

      RIM is dead.

    • Malik

      are you serious? who the hell needs a touch screen clothes washer?

    • Tyco

      Android makes my bum hurt :{

  • Who Daaat

    lool Seriously..why did they put a washer.. there should be a reason..maybe its filled with Nexus 4 phones

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Wow. I swear I heard that music in the 90s.


  • Malik

    bet they spent alot of money on that crapy video.. it really didnt show or prove anything

  • Ken

    To the Ontario Teachers post here in this area I hope the Ontario government puts your union in its place like back in the classroom. This is the wrong place to post your BS.

  • hurric

    what a shitty ad

  • Keith

    The problem with LG you never know when they will abandon purchasers of their devices.

  • nick

    a connected washing machine? haha