65.9% of Ontario drivers say they never use their wireless device while driving, says OPP survey

Ian Hardy

December 27, 2012 4:13pm

Emailing, talking, texting and surfing the web on your mobile device while driving has been banned since October 2009. If a police officer catches you performing any of these actions you could face a fine upward of $500. At the time of its introduction there was an overwhelming 90% approval rate in support of the ban from Ontario drivers. The bigger goal was to make our roads safer and the solution was to purchase a Bluetooth headset or accessory.

Three years later the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has released their 2012 Community Satisfaction Survey and it has some interesting stats on the use of devices while driving. According to their report, which surveyed 1,000 people over the phone, says that “89.9% of respondents said they were ‘not at all likely (I never do it)’ or ‘not very likely (I rarely do it)’ to use devices while driving.” Breaking it down even further reveals that 65.9% of Ontario driver say they never use their mobile device while driving, 24% rarely do it, 7.2% occasionally and only 2.9% “do it all the time.” In addition, men are more likely to use hand-held device while driving than women.

Unfortunately there’s no indication on the number of tickets that were handed out this year, or cumulatively over the past 3-years. That would be an interesting stats to see. The report also indicated that “64.2% of respondents were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the OPP’s enforcement
of distracted driving laws.”

Source: OPP (PDF)

  • Mike

    Honesty, on a week to week basis.. I see more Police talking on there cells or typing on there laptops in there cars then I do people.

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol I don’t trust this survey mainly because its the OPP taking it and most people are afraid to admit it. I know I wouldn’t.


    “99.9% of Ontario drivers are liars”.

  • EvanK

    Based on what I’ve seen on the road, I’d beg to differ.

  • aDev

    I think the OPP does a horrible job enforcing this. Everytime I’m on the 400 or 401 there’s always stupid drivers on their phones going 50km/h when there’s no traffic.

    • gnote

      I wouldn’t mind cell users talking and driving if they got out of the fast lane!!!! Grrr.

  • John

    So this is just a cash grab.

  • gramz

    hahahahah i dont argee on this at alll

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Yes, I also never use my phone in my car.

    Sent from my iPhone.

  • laweege

    what a load, the most disrespected law out there. too hard to enforce, see a cop just drop the phone

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Stuntman

    I always use my phone in the car. Got BT audio to play my music and have Google Maps on for traffic information on the roads ahead.

  • J-Ro

    Lol who would admit something like that? majority of people likely thought it was a trick survey like something out of the simpsons (the free boat give-away) and said “No, I also don’t speed until i see you then drop to 10 below the limit”

  • APhoneUser


  • ProPAL

    I don’t hold the OPP in high regard, they can speed at will without reason and they can talk and text while the rest of us minions get tickets for doing the same. As a “democratic” society how to we allow and accept a two tiered system. What the hell happened to lead by example?

  • beyond

    I see occasionally people talking on their phones (i.e. actually holding the device) maybe less so now because of handsfree. But what I see more of is people eating, and women putting on their makeup. I think I saw one guy shaving once. These people deserve to have their license suspended.

  • Grant

    I talk and text while driving all the time, I even check emails, and write emails. And I also use my laptop while driving. Why not. There seems to be nothing wrong by doing so, because if it was so wrong to do so, why do all the Police In Ottawa talk, text, and use their laptops while driving. If its wrong for me, then it should be wrong for them as well. And I also see Oc Tranpso bus drivers talking, texting on their cell phones while driving as well, and also talk on the telephone looking radio receiver as well. I’m going to always talk, text, check emails, write emails, use my laptop for ever while driving, because it doesn’t seem like a bad thing, if the police or public bus drivers do it, and besides this car I’m driving belongs to me, and not the government, I pay the car loan on this car not the government, so I can use my car how ever I want to.

  • Grant

    And I’d really be interested to see OPP Officers take this survey, and see how many of them talk, and text and use their laptops while driving ??? the survey will probably 99.99999% of OPP officers talk, text, and use their laptops, and pick their noses and asses while driving.