iPhone 5 gets a price drop at Rogers until December 27th, now $79 on a 3-year

Ian Hardy

December 21, 2012 10:03am

The iPhone 5 launched in Canada 3 months ago on September 21st. Price drops for Apple’s flagship device usually happen when another iPhone model is announced, but this time around it’s a different story. Effective today, until December 27th, Rogers has discounted the 16GB iPhone 5 by $100 to $79 on a 3-year. This is probably the earliest price drop I’ve seen on any new iPhone, plus a sizeable reduction. If you’re into a 3-year term and want the iPhone 5 then it might be something to consider…

Source: Rogers

  • iphoneeee

    that no fair




  • Hilman

    Must be selling real well to already get a price drop lol.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      The Galaxy S III is free right now. Must be selling REALLY well.

    • Hilman

      Great argument lol, the Galaxy S3 has been out since July whereas the iP5 was just released in late September.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Hilman The Galaxy Note II started at $200 and is down to $50, and it came out after the iPhone 5.

      Must be selling real well.

    • John

      It’s still overpriced.

  • Chuck

    no thank you.

  • tdee

    This is the first year that this is happening. Happened on black friday weekend at telus too. Obviously Iphones aren’t hot anymore. People are seeing the light…we thank the Lord. Hopefully apple would innovate next year instead of being lazy and suing.

  • John Edwards

    You know business is going really well when EVEN iPhones get discounted 🙂

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Speaks more to how arbitrary phone pricing is than it does to a phone’s value.

    • Ron Mexico

      I actually agree with Brad this time. This has nothing to do with lack of sales.

      I still don’t like Apple though.


    Shares dropping, sales not meeting predictions, Qaurterly results lagging, no anticipated lineups in foriegn markets. PEOPLE finally realizing a more viable and cheaper, superior options other than a closed/ over priced and over glorified eco system. No surprise at price drop. No worries, market share bound to jump with next iphone release……suckerssssssss!

    • Brad F(anboy)


  • Brad F(anboy)

    @tdee “Obviously Iphones aren’t hot anymore.”

    Obviously. I mean, they’re only selling as many as they did in all previous years combined.

    Total flop, though.

  • Malingerer

    Been that price at bell all week. Same at TELUS..

  • Justin

    This has nothing to do with sales being low, or apple being “doomed”

    Its Christmas, sales happen all the time. When you go to Sportcheck and see Nike’s on sale. Do you think, “Hey Nike must be going out of business”

    It’s sales, remember the S3 is free right now too… So, they must be going out of business too.

  • Dalex

    80$ is still too much for that turd of a phone. So many better options out there its ridiculous.

    Oh right, no one buys Iphones because they are good smartphones lol. That shiny logo on the back is so compelling.

    • Alex

      Dalex you are the biggest troll. Get a life!


    RIP APPLE!!!!!!!
    jus sayin

    • Alex

      Maybe you could learn to spell while you’re at it.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @REDRUM Seriously, it’ll happen this time.

  • Alx886

    Thanks Rogers. I had just bought one for my wife for Christmas, haven’t opened it, called Rogers and got them to discount it for me. Not generally a fan of Big Red but lately they’ve been pretty good first dropping my plan to 60 bucks a month Unlimited Canada Wide Talk & Text including VM+CID+3GB of Data and now with this price drop I’m a happy camper.

  • Jason

    Yeah, i love when companies do this and they dont even really have stock. Heroes

    • Justin

      Most stores have active stock of the iPhone.

  • DrBadass

    3 years contract = NO, BIG NO.

    • Insidevoices

      Good thing its on flextab. Which really isnt a ‘contract’ anymore… Just have to pay back any remaining subsidy on the device…

  • Mellowie

    You know if that was the 32 gb, I would pick it up. =P

  • Noel

    Might just be that the iPhone 5 is selling well but they are using it as a carrot to pay thousands for a 3-year agreement.
    Time to think like a business analyst boys & girls. $100/36 months is costing Rogers exactly $2.78/mos. But the impact of $100 off a hot selling phone like the iPhone 5 is far greater.

    Kudos to Rogers for their marketing prowess!!!

  • Jacob Newman

    TELUS has the iPhone 5 for $79 also! Sweet deal.

  • screamer

    I remember when the iPhone 4 came out. It was sold out for weeks. I think the hype is gone because there are more smartphone out there. They are better than the iPhone. Apple make a big mistake thinking that they are special. When I see some reviews I makes me so mad that they say the iPhone is. But in what?

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I’m a big DOUCHE.. Please hit the Like button…

    • Brad F(anboy)


  • Bernas

    iPhone 5 at virgin for $80, got one at virgin vaughan mills for $55 on a 3 year. also can have it with a supertab.