HTC posts Jelly Bean kernel source for TELUS One X+

Daniel Bader

December 21, 2012 8:33pm

The HTC One X+ has been available for a few weeks, but until now there was no way to generate custom kernels for the ultra-fast quad-core smartphone. HTC has rectified that potential issue for custom ROM creators and has made the kernel source available for all to use and peruse.

Hopefully the Android 4.1 kernel source will bring developers closer to building a stable version of CyanogenMOD 10.1, though there are already plenty of custom ROMs available, based on Sense 4+, for the TELUS One X+.

We rated the One X and One X+ as number three in our Best Smartphones for Canadians 2012. If you haven’t already, read our review.

Source: HTC Dev Center
Via: Android Police

  • Lazardus

    You might want to fix number 3 to number 4…

  • Miknitro

    Like usual HTC, forgetting the original One XL.
    Doubt ill buy another phone from them after so many.

  • CRTC

    Maybe if htc can update their existing devices and stop releasing 50 variets they would be doing better

    we dont need one v/vs/vbs/s/sl/b/c/d/x/s/sx/sx+/xv/gghjhjghgbhg

    • Anonymous One

      Seriously CRTC!!!!

      Go do your research before making comments like this. HTC has updated every device in the past year by atleast one version of Android. The problem is not HTC its the carriers as they can and do restrict the amount of updates and when they come out to the public. If the carrier doesnt want to update X device they can say no leaving HTCs hands tided.

      Go look at LG, Sony, Motorola, and even Samsung and the devices they put out in the past year to two and see how many of them have been updated. I can tell you ZERO of them have been, where as HTC has updated all the devices from last year (Evo3d, Sensation, Raider) and even the Desire HD.

      So before you b***h and complain do your homework!

  • No JB for Telus HOX

    Still no update for Telus HTC one x. Still no ICS for Desire HD. GSIII has JB. GSIIX is getting JB. No update posted on Telus schedule for HOX. No hope.

    • Tyrone

      ICS is only available only for the American Desire HD not the Canadian one. I know it sounds stupid.

      Or you can root your DHD to get it.

  • Claudiu

    God, I hope somebody fixes that broken multitasking killing apps like crazy they put in the One S / X, it totally messed up the default Android way.