Videotron “Mobile usage” app for Android released

Customers of regional carrier Videotron who have an Android device can now download their “mobile usage” app. This does what you’d think it would do – monitors your mobile usage. This app gives you a brief look at your daily usage, offers a 2-month comparison, plus gives you an estimation of the extra charges if you’re potentially going to have overages. The “Mobile Usage” app is compatible for Android devices – phones or tablets – running OS 2.1 or higher and Videotron puts a disclaimer that “The app allows you to monitor your mobile Internet usage and is for information purposes only.”

Source: Google Play

  • iphoneeee

    that no iOS

    • cybik

      No, it’s better.

  • dave

    On Wind.

    Nice not to need such an app.

  • Aidolon

    I personally like and use 3G Watchdog on my S3, but it’s nice to see a Canadian carrier developing useful standalone apps for Android.

    Note to Telus – stop wasting your time foisting crap like your “App House” on us, and more time developing useful optional content like this.

    • Hilman

      The TELUS My Account app is pretty good now, all it needs is a widget.

  • Brutux

    Great app !

    No settings to configure. It detects automatically the data plan that you have in their system.

  • PewZ

    years behind Rogers though

    • David

      Yea but with Rogers you can’t have a voice/sms/6go data plan for 45$/month.

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