Stuff We Like: Glider Gloves [Holiday 2012]

Daniel Bader

December 20, 2012 1:48pm

With the holidays coming up, we thought we’d revive our Stuff We Like column to include some of our favourite products of the year.

Glider Gloves are the best example of an improved product, and one that has become indispensable as the outside temperature continues to drop. The premise is simple: regular gloves don’t contain capacitive material inside to imitate a finger touch, while products like Glider Gloves will interact perfectly with your touchscreen.

The 2012 model is more robust, with more hardier materials and improved weaving. It also contains small dots that make gripping the phone easier. I have found responsiveness to be very consistent, though Swype working betters than regular devices since the fingertips are slightly bigger than your finger, so tapping small points on the screen becomes difficult.

Glider Gloves are designed in Toronto, and are available in black or grey for 30 bucks.

  • Dizz

    I’ve had these since last year. They don’t seem to work as well now for some reason. I love em, so it kinda sucks :S

  • TéoToTheRescue

    These gloves a pretty awesome. I received a Free pair from the Mobilesyrup giveAaway and they’ve been great. I will be ordering a pair for my wife. Only suggestion…bring the grip all the way up all the fingers except the index and thumb.

  • Joshua

    If you had a phone with a good touch screen you wouldn’t need these. Like say a Lumia 920…. Just sayin

    • Miguel

      Your… your elevator doesn’t reach the top floor, does it?

    • Entegy

      Man, I was going to post that, but with way less shark.

  • VAK

    30$ for a pair of quality gloves is fair. I’ll give it a try 😉

  • marion

    I bought two pairs of “touch screen friendly gloves” from Sears for $4.99 as Christmas gifts ..Mens section! check it out!

  • Matt

    I have a pair of something I bought online called “agloves” they feel great although I don’t get too much use out of them as I am hardly outside long enough to warrant me even putting them on.

  • K_Owl

    You can just rub thermal paste on any of your gloves. Works the same… cheaper too 😉

    • Matt

      Woah best idea ever I must try this because there is no way this is a bad idea!

  • Graham

    I got a free pair of these from MobileSyrup… They are a boon for outdoor workers! They are not quite as warm as a pair of leather gloves, but they are quite comfortable in chilly temperatures, and work very well with the touchscreen.


  • user

    These glvoes are crap. I bought a pair and they only lasted for 2 weeks. I contacted GliderGloves and they told me just to put them in the washer and dry them. After doing that they still don’t work. Don’t spend your money on this garbage.

    • Saleem

      Please contact Customer Support so they canhelp you with your issue. Did you follow up after your washing failed?

  • Steven Hurdle

    Can anyone compare GliderGloves on a regular smartphone to using regular gloves on the Lumia 920? I love being able to use my cycling gloves with the 920; is it as good an experience as that?

  • Kevin

    These gloves are amazing, very warm and precise. I bought them last year and have never had a problem. I got a pair for my dad for Christmas.