TELUS expands LTE coverage into Jasper, Hinton and Moncton

Ian Hardy

December 18, 2012 8:22pm

TELUS continues their LTE rollout today and announced coverage has expanded into Hinton and Jasper, AB, plus Moncton, NB. Coverage is in the core of these locations and if you’re unfamiliar with LTE (Long Term Evolution), this new network will bring your faster download and upload speeds (average download speeds are between 12 to 25 Mbps). TELUS has promised that they’ll bring LTE speeds to 25 million Canadians by the end of the year.

According to the press release these new additions brings their total to reach 65% of the Canadian population, which is probably around 22 million people, plus that they are now “currently serving more than 100 communities and markets”

Source: TELUS
Via: TELUS LTE Coverage Map

  • Andrew

    I’ll be interested when the headline reads: “TELUS begins offering unlimited plans at fair prices”.

    Until then, meh…

  • Whoo Daat

    What is Jasper and Hinton? lol never heard of them…I have no clue why companies expand LTE in places where nobody lives… maybe cuze no one could verify? lol

  • Monkey Face

    The same can be said for all three of them.

  • blah

    @Whoo Daat, clearly you are someone who sits on a computer in your moms basement all day. Every been skiing? its called a tourist destination.

    • Whoo Daat

      I wish we had a basement 🙁 we live in a 1 bedroom

    • Whoo Daat

      It’s also impossible to have any “alone time”, if you know what I mean. Mom is always watching… 🙁

  • X87

    Being from hinton this is good news. For the ignorant this area has quite a bit of tourism in the area along with oilfield industry. Hinton is a small distance away from Jasper national park. Hinton most likely has LTE because Rogers has LTE in the area (for Jasper), so for competition Telus matched network coverage.

    • Larry

      Rogers has very limited LTE coverage in Edmonton and Calgary only.

  • Monkey Face

    Whoo Daat->Just tell your mom to sleep in my basement. I’ll take really good care of her.