Mountain Equipment Co-op releases iPhone app so you can buy camping gear while camping

Daniel Bader

December 18, 2012 9:01pm

Mountain Equipment Co-op is better known to Canadians as a store than a community centre, but anyone who makes a purchase pays $5 towards a lifetime membership. This allows those interested to vote on decisions that affect the direction of the company. Today, MEC has over 3.5 million members and over $250 million in annual revenue.

As with any successful business venture, the company looked to the mobile space to increase its reach and, hopefully, profit. MEC, in partnership with Toronto-based Xtreme Labs, has released its first mobile app, Shop MEC, for iPhone.

As one would expect, the app allows members to browse various categories, add items to their cart or wishlist, and order when satisfied. It has a clean-and-green interface, and items can be filtered based on category, price and brand. There is a list of stores across Canada (15 in all), with map directions, hours of operation and phone numbers.

You do have to be a member to make purchases or add items to the Wish List, but browsing can be performed without any commitment. No word on an Android version, but we’ve reached out to the company for more information.

Download Shop MEC for iPhone.

  • Ron Mexico


  • doaconstrictor


  • Richard Stewart

    It is truly disappointing that a Canadian company would only produce their smartphone app in an America format.

    • ufool

      u serious? its target marketing. its not personal; its just business.

    • ToniCipriani

      At least better than the usual RIM? post…

      Well played.

  • Rich

    Grats on the sponsorship

  • Monkey Face

    Will they expedite my order to Algonquin park if my tent effs up?

  • Cyrano

    LOL I didnt know i can vote

  • Mike

    Should of went with a Winning Operating system and went with Android. Apple is losing millions of user on a daily basis to Android.

  • MyBestFriendLarry

    I just don’t get it. Android has a HUGE share of the smartphone market yet apps get created for the iPhone (muc smaller market share) first, why is this?

  • gjeff12

    Everyone knows that you shouldn’t be using your smartphone while camping.

  • Wilbour

    Ok, I need a solar charger for my Smartphone STAT!. Oh yah, can you send it to campsite A16?

  • Will Lam

    <3 MEC! Nice work from Xtreme Labs!

  • Dave

    “so you can buy camping gear while camping”

    How? Where are you going to get your wifi or 3g signal?
    It’s must be the worth joke of 2012. LOL!

  • drewski

    Where we go in Algonquin there usually isn’t a hint of signal, which is exactly how it should be.