Google release YouTube Capture for iPhone, makes sharing videos practically instant

Daniel Bader

December 18, 2012 8:02am

Google has added another notch to its iOS belt today, releasing YouTube Capture for iPhone.

Though it is currently possible to capture video in the Camera app and upload it straight to YouTube, the experience hasn’t changed much since the original iPhone. Similarly, the newly-released YouTube app for iPhone and iPad is consumption-focused, and does not allow users to capture and upload content.

That hole is now filled as Google fleshes out yet another aspect of its iOS ecosystem. With YouTube Capture, the iPhone becomes a portal to quickly edit and upload video to YouTube. That’s it — nothing else. Well, you can adjust colour, stabilize video, add a background track as well as share it to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but that’s about it.

The app is smart: it ensures your iPhone is in landscape mode before allowing access to the shutter button. It can also automatically begin recording when the phone is turned to landscape mode.

Its only drawback owes more to its design — quick capture, edit, upload — than any serious limitation. On the iPhone 5, YouTube Capture can only record at 720p maximum; no 1080p here. While it’s more likely a bandwidth and storage consideration than anything else, we’d really like to see the option added in the future.

As it stands, YouTube Capture is a well-designed and effective app. It’s also coming to Android soon, but no word on when.

Download YouTube Capture for iPhone.

Via: YouTube Blog

  • Shaggyskunk

    Google Maps for iphone, Google YouTube for iphone, Next, Google os for iphone? 😀

  • JP

    I know sometimes it takes time for me to upload a video on youtube, but this app is just really awesome for “instant” uploading! 😀

  • phreezerburn

    Thing is someone at Apple likely believes with all their might THEY win on this one. See enough Google on your iPhone and it becomes easy to jump ship the second a Nexus device becomes the prettier of the two.