Mobilicity inviting Torontonians to make free overseas calls from inside a giant snow globe

Daniel Bader

December 17, 2012 12:21pm

Mobilicity loves a spectacle. Between protesting in front of the Rogers headquarters in 2010 to hosting a “Break Your Wireless Contract Day,” the new entrant ensures that its brand is seen, and seen often.

This Friday the company is asking Toronto residents to visit Yonge & Dundas Square for an overseas calling promotion. The company plans to construct a 24-foot snow globe from which residents can make overseas phone calls, for free, to family members and loved ones.

The event will take place from 11am to 8pm this Friday, December 21st, and 9:30am to 7:30pm on Saturday, December 22nd. The company hopes that international students or recent immigrants to Canada will storm the “globe” for a chance to chat with family members abroad.

  • Raddik

    The Nexus4 arrives tomorrow. I’ll be heading over there to give Mobo my money and terminate my Bell contract. The monkey is almost off my back!

  • Sid

    Looking forward to unleashing my new Nexus 4 on Mobilicity… way to go.. good customer service and a reliable network

  • John Stewart

    Great idea!

    • Stan Smith

      Great IDEA?
      I CLEARLY remember WIND doing the exact same promotion last year but with a phone booth at the Yonge and Dundas store in phone booth…
      Not really original but that doesn’t surprise me since its Mobishitty

  • Bubbles

    Ok so 3 of above posts are from Mobilicity employees obviously… And I guess they haven’t heard about thing called Skype.

    • KimJong-iil

      u mean the one where we have to PAY to call a phone number in another country.

  • NS49

    Clearly the top 3 comments are Mobilicity employees. Good customer service…absolutely not. I don’t understand their what they are saying half the time and have to repeat what I say all the time. Great service…sure in Toronto. But in areas where the coverage almost ends like Markham, it is NOT good at all. One of the worst service I’ve ever used.

    • Sid

      haha.. your comment cracks me up. Not everyone has a bad experience with the same guys you do. You might love Rogers but I dont because my experience sucked that doesnt nullify your experience or make u a Rogers employee… now does it!! haha

  • herpderp

    Quit bit**ing and go find yourself another wireless provider, you’re not in a contract.

  • xyz

    It would be interesting to do some comparison of Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile where they are after 3 years (subscribers, coverage, phones etc).

    They all started in 2010 so where they are today?

    • Sid

      @xyz good point… but your asking in the wrong place. Ask the guys at the Big 3. To educate you.. Rogers alone has lost between $10 – $20 per client in ARPU since the inception of Wind, Mobilicity and Public Mobile. They have sustained profitability for their organisation by driving up costs for Data Plans and their Cable Products..

  • aregularonhofo

    OMG, HILARIOUS, what a bunch of losers and anything not to build more towers and con the public…worse cell phone company ever and run by i****s. A network that is total garbage and service to match.

    I guess bluenote73 the fake Hofo Lazer Android didn’t get paid this mouth to make any dumb comments, good to know the Mobilicity is going down hill and with the $29 Wind Mobile promo now perfect time to switch. Why support baboons and waste your funds.

    • MAY leave Mobilicity too…

      Even bluenote73 may leave Mobilicity!

  • Sid

    Me liking Mobilicity does not make me an Employee there.. d*****s. I like Virgin Mobile too.. left them for a cheaper deal that’s it.
    If u like Rogers does not make u an employee there.. it only makes you an IDIOT who likes over paying for pretty much the same service.. LTE or no LTE.. there is WiFI service everywhere we go today… get with it

  • deltatux

    There just seems to be Mobilicity hating trolls on Mobilesyrup, just ignore them. This is an interesting promotion.

    More competition the better.

  • Only in Toronto!

    Yet another Toronto-exclusive event! Did they forget about the four other zones?

  • 0defaced

    THIS…..well this is just as dumb as dirt, and about as desperate as it gets.