Astro File Manager for Android adds Facebook support and a dedicated photo viewer

Daniel Bader

December 14, 2012 12:13pm

There is no shortage of excellent file managers for Android, likely because the OS allows users full access to their important documents and photos.

One of the longest-lasting apps has been Metago’s Astro File Manager, which has been giving users access to their important directory structures since Android 1.5. But the company has not been sitting on its hand; the app has gone through several design iterations, the latest of which brings it comfortably into the modern cloud era.

No longer merely a local respository, Astro now provides access to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and, in the latest update, Facebook, through the companies’ APIs. Integration is seamless, allowing you to skip logging in if you’re already running the app on your device. The new version also brings a very robust photo viewer, though it’s not quite versatile to make me switch from the excellent QuickPic.

Astro uses the “swipe-from-the-sides” navigation method: swipe to the right for quick access to your local and cloud-based files, your quick searches such as Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos and Files, along with any documents you’ve recently opened. Swiping to the left from the main screen brings up the Tools and Settings bar, which shows you SD Card usage and the built-in Task Killer, which is to this day a very popular, if unnecessary, aspect of using Android.

The app is ad-supported, but the ads are unobtrusive and keep it free. There is a $3.99 Pro key to remove the ads which may be worth it for someone who uses the app a lot.

Download Astro File Manager for Android.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    This story has absolutely nothing to do with Zeller’s holiday specials.

  • Khav

    I’m glad one of the recent Astro updates changed its permissions, because that means it doesn’t get included in the auto-update list. Almost all of the reviews after that update have been extremely negative, and something tells me facebook integration is the wrong direction to go from that response.

  • John

    Cyanogenmod file manager is better.

    Astro went downhill after the last update.

  • schultzter

    I tried Astro, for some reason I came upon ES File Explorer and I’ve been really happy with it. QuickPic is still my image viewer; but ES does everything else.

  • Mark

    I’m having difficulty accessing the comments on the mobile version of this site. Anyone else having this issue? Using Chrome on Android 4.1.

    • Jeremy

      A mobile focused site that isn’t fully functional on mobiles.

      They broke it at least a week ago and never seemed to care enough to fix it.

  • Stanislav

    Astro used to be great. Now they keep adding more and more unneccsary features. I do NOT need Astro for Facebook. I am tired of their seemingly weekly updates. I have moved on to a better alternative… which does what I want… manage files.