Google Maps for iOS reportedly coming tonight

Ian Hardy

December 12, 2012 8:35pm

Well this could be an interesting – and very welcomed – turn of events. Drastically missing from iOS 6 was Google Maps. This wasn’t included as Apple decided to release their own maps app, which has suffered numerous errors and frustration by millions of users for providing poor images and directions.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, acknowledged their failure and stated “we fell short…we are extremely sorry for the frustration.” Cook gave some alternatives, but didn’t give the nod to Google Maps. Over the past month there’s been rumours that we’d see Google Maps re-appear on iOS and according to a report by All Things D, Google is set to release Maps for iOS tonight. Both Google and Apple declined to comment on the rumour and nothing yet has popped up in the App Store.

Source: AllThingsD

  • Gooby Pls

    Apple Maps – The Biggest Fail of 2012, bar none.

    • CRTC



  • Pat

    Yes! Can’t wait to get back to Google Maps!

  • Alex

    Getting the best of Android, and leaving the rest behind.. Apple wins again!

    • 8-down

      Goes to show google thinks of people more than just as money. Its providing free service to people because Apple chose not to pay for this google service itself.

  • Stel

    I’ve never owned an iPhone.

  • Chris

    My local pizza place is in the middle of the lake… I looked it up on my friend’s iphone just for giggles. I am not dumb enough to waste money on apple products.

  • nik

    if i was running google i wouldnt have made it for ios and make iphone morons switch to android

  • DrBadass

    April fools!

  • Claudiu

    If I were Google I would charge at least a few bucks for it, I wouldn’t give it away for free.
    You want to stay with Apple? Then cough up the cas$.

    • Karendar

      You think Google is giving it away? It’s not because they didn’t pass down the cost to the end user that they’re not making a buttload in royalties. 😉

  • Maes33


  • David

    Let me go to Fail blog now and search by “Apple”.

  • lukeiphone

    Thank you Google. Just to show support I will buy Nexus 4 and let me doggy play with it 🙂

    • Karendar

      Good luck getting one. 😉

  • Dro

    We need iOS users to provide even more reliable traffic data to Google Maps.

  • hunkyleepickle

    So I went from native Google maps on my 4s,to crappy apple maps. Now I have fantastic Google maps natively on my nexus 4, and apple tries to entice me with non native Google maps on iPhone….. I think not.

  • Bad Apple

    Ha! cr’Apple gave up? 😉

  • Mohamed

    If I were Google I’d overcharge the maps app think how much they could make

    • EvanK

      That’d be un-Google, they believe in openness and the concept that a free service shouldn’t cost anything just because you’re on another platform. They’re better than that.

  • Hardened

    @CRTC, not the fiscal cliff … seems nobody can save the USA/World from that! 😉

  • Brad F(anboy)

    …and it’s out! Get it while it’s hot, iOS users!

    Android users: Business as usual.

  • ZR27



  • S2556

    I dont even remember the last time I saw 3g in my notification bar haha