Sony releases “Xperia Lounge” app for Android

Ian Hardy

December 11, 2012 7:26am

Sony has launched a new Android app, currently in beta, called the “Xperia Lounge.” The app gives users exclusive “backstage access” to everything Sony such as music, sports, films and gaming, and also gives you a shot at winning tickets to various concerts, movie premieres or sporting events. Any Android user can download the free app, register their details, then enter to possibly win free stuff. However, Sony has reserved access to the exclusive VIP content for those rocking the Xperia T, Xperia J and Xperia V.

Sony gave a hint of what the future will hold if/when the beta tag has been lifted, noting that “users will also be able to personalize the app so that they get access to the content that interests them the most.”

Grab it here from Google Play
Via: CNW

  • iphoneee

    is that like apple maps??? looks like it

  • panda

    These apps are so useless… i don’t know why OEMs even bother to make these…

    they never give any important info… its always just ads after ads or anything remotely appealing to the user

    • Felimenta97

      It isn’t a question of info, but the app makes a lot of giveaways to shows, presentations, signed posters, etc.