Twitter bringing photo filters to mobile apps just as Instagram packs up and leaves

Daniel Bader

December 10, 2012 1:44pm

Twitter is close to debuting photo filter integration in its mobile apps, specifically on Android and iOS, before the end of the year. The company hasn’t confirmed it, but Twitter employees have been playing with test versions of the app, and there have been rumours floating around since the fall that the social network would need to offer better photo integration.

Things got a bit more complicated recently when Instagram turned off its Cards support within the Twitter stream, forcing users to actually click on links to view photos in the Facebook-owned company’s new web portal. While Android users can easily force the links to open in Instagram itself, iOS users now have to switch to mobile Safari to see Instagram photos, a trivial change in the scheme of things but still frustrating.

The Photo Filter wars seem to have started in earnest, and if Twitter does update its mobile apps to include photo filters by the end of the year, as rumoured, they could get a jump on Instagram’s inevitable “holiday spike.” Instagram boasted its most popular day ever on U.S. Thanksgiving recently, and since usage is up and Facebook is about to start putting ads in the stream, there is money to be made on both sides.

Source: Twitter
Via: TheNextWeb

  • Justin Michitsch

    Irrelevant to me, considering I have always had to open the browser to view them on my blackberry…

    • 7-Down

      Blackberry? That’s some stone age s**t right there.



    • Will

      With the latest version of Twitter for BlackBerry it now supports showing Instagram photos (and any other Twitter Card tweets) – well until Instagram pulled the plug. Other Twitter Card content shows fine though.

  • 7-Down

    Snapseed > Instacrap

  • Slype

    This d*ckhead Instagram move brought to you by none other than Facebook. Remember, we don’t like systems talking to each other. Unless of course we own them.

  • EvanKr

    Great, now I can tweet photos of my food, AND make them look retro!

  • Paulman

    “While Android users can easily force the links to open in Instagram itself,”

    Wait, what? I can do WHAT?! How?

  • menodumb

    What’s with this Polaroid retro crappy pics ?

    Guess for those with crappy smartphone cameras it’s an excuse to pass shitty pics as art .

  • schultzter

    The TwitPic app has pretty much been doing this for a while now, using Aviary to touch-up the photos. I’ve heard that Twitter will use Aviary as well.

    Aviary is an AWESOME tool box for handling photos. But you can install it independently, so you always have the latest version and greatest features. The problem with the way TwitPic integrates it is that it doesn’t use the version you already have installed – and the add-ons you bought – it uses its own built-in version.

    In the end I always end-up touching up the photo with Aviary directly and then tweeting it – which is so well streamlined it’s not a burden.