Pebble E-Paper watch delayed until new year, but final colours are ready for review

Daniel Bader

December 10, 2012 9:46am

Pebble’s E-Paper smartwatch still holds the title as the most successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s a simple idea executed brilliantly, with rich text support for iOS and Android, built with battery life and aesthetics in mind. All smart watches until now have either sacrificed one or the other; they were either too big and bulky to be considered usable on a regular basis, or they were created with energy-sucking LCDs that required daily charging.

Using E-Ink for its display, the watch has entered the last of its pre-production phases. Final colours have been selected, including a grey version that was added after the funding ended. And while the team won’t be able to get the watches out before Christmas, they are finalizing every detail to ensure that they work, en masse, as promised. The team announced over the weekend that they’ve integrated iMessage and SMS notifications with iPhones running iOS 6, comfort for the main demographic who put so much money into the project in the first place.

The Pebble may be taking its time to come to market, but one must remember that many of the individuals behind these projects don’t know a shred about large-scale manufacturing, production and distribution of electronics. The small team behind the watch seems to be making progress in the areas that count — quality and features — and will come to market with a better product as a result.

Now the only question is, which colour should you get?

Source: Pebble

  • iphoneee

    that’s not an iPhone….. iOS6 is garbage

    • RIP Pebble

      More delays!
      This project was DOA before it got started. I feel sorry for all the suckers that invested.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    So glad that I didn’t get involved in backing this project. Just goes to show that no matter how much money you have, you need business expertise to get a product going.

    This has been a massive flop for a lot of the backers and I feel for them.

    • Will Lam

      I think you guys are missing the point of Kickstarter. It’s not a “product store”. They’re giving you the opportunity to be on the bleeding edge to be an early adopter and attach the risks of backing them at such an early stage as well by disclosing the risks of you backing their projects.

      The products come at discounts compared to when they’re ready for mass production and release to the general public, so you get the “I got it for everyone else even knew about it” bragging rights as well.

    • vn33

      Not sure why you consider this a flop ??
      It’s just a delay in the shipping, and the amount of people backing this project is huge. Sure ly we should give them some slack because it is after all, they are a startup company, not an established corporation like Sony. Also, the delay probably is due to their effort to include iOS users.
      I didn’t back this project, but I do have a pre-order and willing to wait for my turn.
      I like the idea & concept of this product. I actually likes how it looks compare to the other similar products in the market right now (Soney ?)
      Let’s just wait and see … it’s not like they take our money and quit !!

    • js


  • menodumb

    Look cheap , hype is over .They’re taking too long

    • Seasons

      There was hype outside of a tech-nerd community??

  • Average Joe

    I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Zagabog

    This will look great when I’m riding around town on my fixie wearing my skinny jeans and scarf! #FailedHipster

  • Tony

    Is it me or the colors really look cheap? I mean there a much more interesting finishes in paint and plastics today…

  • Mohammed

    does that mean that it will be able to receive android sms’s as well??

    • Graham

      It always has been able to recieve android SMS. iOS SMS was something they couldn’t do before iOS6

  • Norman Williams

    I see there is 6th color! Look at update #25 video above. Seems to be brown or olive green? I want that color. How can I request this?