TAG Taxi service launched in Toronto, app available for iPhone and Android

Ian Hardy

December 5, 2012 8:31am

Toronto Taxi wars are continuing to heat up. The past year has seen a number of new companies surface, namely Uber and Hailo, that offer quick access to call a cab, plus easily pay via your smartphone. Some of the original cab companies like Beck Taxi have released apps, but only give the ability to place a call.

Today a new alternative has been announced. TAG taxi – which stands for Taxi Assigned by Geolocation – has started offering their service in the GTA. Their app is free and available for iPhone and Android users. TAG gives you the option to hail a cab at will, but has to be on one of these approved taxi companies: Astro, A-Black-Cab, Rapid Taxi and Advance-Unique. TAG says they are “plugged into their dispatch system” and this gives users the choice to select a “desired method of payment, vehicle size, transport of oversized luggage or pets.”

TAG is available in Toronto Mississauga, Vaughan, Pickering, Ajax and will be coming soon to Richmond Hill and Markham.

Download the iPhone app here, Android app here.
Via: CNW

  • RandyNewbie

    Seems like the competition is heating up in the T.O. taxi biz

  • smuncky

    doesn’t seem to be working for me yet.

  • caribouroader

    Never heard of any of these cab companies.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    still waiting for beck taxi to make an android app

  • Dave

    Hailo is already perfect.

    That is all.

  • BC

    Doesn’t work for me on Android in Mississauga. App is dated Nov 26th and only mentions Montreal. It can’t validate my address.

  • Kristine

    The Beck Taxi App allows you to select method of payment, special requests like larger vehicles and if you have pets too. Android app testing now, coming soon!

  • Tom

    Why does Android app request permission to “RETRIEVE RUNNING APPS”?

    I think that permission is usually for system apps like task managers.

  • ChrisFizik

    complete copy of Uber, but taking away the convenience and experience of Uber – which is not having to worry about anything with money etc. I would rather use the trusted cab selection provided by Uber and just hop out of the cab when reaching destination than doing any of this. All the extra ‘features’ like rating and selecting luggage and pet requirements (rare use case!) are not important to the core service.

  • Tom

    Doesn’t work in Toronto – not that it matters. Hailo is slowly taking over the app-based taxi hailing space and is the only licensed app-based taxi company in the city.