Nokia releases Ringtone Maker for Lumia devices, so call me, maybe?

Daniel Bader

December 4, 2012 11:04am

Nokia has released another exclusive app for Lumia owners. Simply, Ringtone Maker allows users to take the music already on their device and create short snippets of lower-quality audio to turn into ringtones. It’s an easy way to get away from the bland, often-ubiquitous content pre-loaded on most phones (though the default Lumia ringtone is actually quite enjoyable to listen to).

The app allows you to edit the song, cutting out a favourite 30-second slot. It’s a fantastic way of personalizing your phone, and another great reason to pick a Lumia device over the competition.

Download Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone. It’s also in the Nokia Collection portal of the Store.

Source: Windows Phone
Via: Pocketnow

  • tardis


    • John

      Had on my android since day one.

  • Chris

    Doesn’t work with songs downloaded based on a monthly Xbox music pass.

  • KimJong-iil

    ehh. this is not 2000 anymore nokia.

    • scrooge

      Ya man…down with easy, convenient ways to make your own ringtones! Nokia tone for life!

    • T

      I agree with you. Ringtones are so 2000. Maybe it is me getting old, the best Ringtones is the subtle vibration buzz in my pocket.

      It doesn’t cause a disturbance within my radius.

    • jplunks

      Androids don’t have this? Nokia is making the right moves. People that bash Nokia in moving forward with there goals are always so pathetic

  • Josh L

    pretty cool!

  • Pol

    I don’t see why this app couldn’t be available for my Lumia 800.

  • Chimera13

    where is FIDO’s Windows phone 8!!!!????

  • LeSong

    Screw Fido & Rogers … 🙂

  • Michael Aston

    what next for widows phone, folders?

  • Marc

    Ringdroid, creating ringtones on android phones since 2008 🙂