Bell expands LTE network into Fort McMurray, now reaches 21 million Canadians

Ian Hardy

November 30, 2012 11:36am

The race for LTE dominance in Canada is still a hot topic. Rogers, Bell, TELUS and their respected sub-brands have all deployed LTE, expanded coverage and released several devices to their customers. In addition, regional carrier MTS went live with their LTE network, and next year SaskTel will jump on board. The latest expansion is courtesy of Bell by reaching Fort McMurray in Alberta. The coverage seems decent as it covers the core of the town, but more expansion seems to be on the horizon in 2013. According to an internal doc I received it reads that “Bell clients have access to Canada’s largest 4G LTE networks which is available to more than 21 million Canadians.” This number is up a million a couple weeks ago and approximately represents 63% of the Canadian population.

Source: Bell
(Thanks tipster!)

  • deltatux

    I think you meant “expanded” and not “axpanded”…

  • Carl

    It’s awesome when you can connect to it.

  • Digger

    Oil money!

  • Save the Planet

    Put a fence around the TAR SANDS and imprioson them. DO NOT support TAR MONEY. DO NOT support HARPO and the NOE-CONS.
    STOP destroying my planet. HISTORY is on our side and they will LOSE!

    • some guy

      Get a job Hippie.
      Nature is trying to kill us every day, so I we take the fight to nature before it gets us!

  • JohnN

    You wrote “. . . . . Rogers, Bell, TELUS and their respected sub-brands . . . . ”

    RESPECTED by whom??????

    • some guy


  • joe


  • Richard

    Way to have the best network, best phones and best sub brand of the big Three. Save the planet go back into your cave. Human beings only have collectively ten years of foresight. Get your oil from Saudi, Iran, Africa. Without Alberta and it’s tar sands Canada would be broke. The spin off is incredible and the taxes this region puts in to this economy is incredible.

  • drone

    Still doesn’t work in my house which is right in the centre of the GTA…

  • MG

    Yes, now 63% of Canadians can be screwed by Bell, and growing!

  • Lukeiphone

    I’m under LTE coverage with bell and it doesn’t work 🙁

  • Your Mom’s Husband

    FYI: Tbaytel is rumored to be launching LTE in 2013 as well.

    • Dan

      After the terrible job they did (and continue to do) building their HSPA network, they needn’t even bother.