Netflix for Android updated with new video player, Android 4.2 support

Daniel Bader

November 27, 2012 7:20am

Netflix has been seeing a lot of great updates recently, both for iOS and Android. The latest one comes to Google’s operating system and brings with it a brand new video player.

Along with a refreshed interface, the video player shows big volume buttons and, when scrubbing, still previews of the intended place in the movie or TV show. The app also supports Android 4.2, something I’ve appreciated while demoing the Nexus 10 tablet.

Lastly, the update includes requisite bug fixes and stability improvements. Now all we need is a better catalogue of movies and TV shows in Canada, and we’re golden.

Download Netflix for Android.

Via: IntoMobile

  • superfly


    • Date Night

      What is the exact date that the BB10 phones will be in the stores? STILL NO DATE!!!!

  • Davor

    UnBlockUS all the way! Yeah you gotta pay but 5 bucks a month isn’t much to get US netflix and now even other countries.

  • STY

    But paying $5/month for unblock-us just because of Canadian content rules? Foolish. Drop those rules, and just let competition go forward.

    • Jim R

      I read that the reason is licensing. It’s a whole different set of organizations that have the Canadian rights to distribute the shows, and Netflix has to cut deals with them in order for Netflix to be able to distribute said shows to Canadian viewers.

  • TestMe

    Netflix is my favorite!!! 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    One dissappointment though, still no HD playback on devices with 720p screens like GS3 on Wi-Fi atleast. Comon Netflix get on it already!!

  • JP

    What is the exact date that Date Night will get his first date? STILL NO DATE!!!!