AnTuTu 3.0 for Android brings quad-core support, separate 2D and 3D tests and new interface

Daniel Bader

November 26, 2012 3:07pm

AnTuTu has long been one of the most popular Android benchmarking suites available. Arguably more accurate (and truthful) than the controversial Quadrant Suite, and less Qualcomm-biased than Vellamo, the benchmark has been updated to version 3.0 with a new interface and excellent new features.

Now there are separate 2D and 3D GPU scores, allowing users to focus on what specific parts his or her device excels at. The benchmark tests RAM, CPU speed, 2D and 3D graphics, SD card read and write and more, and each one can be displayed per-device or in a list compared to other phones.

The update also explicitly adds support for the Nexus 4 and other quad-core Snapdragon S4 devices, and the Optimus G currently ranks at the top of the database, likely due to those Javascript optimizations we talked about in the Nexus 4 review.

You can also compare your device to the average results from another model, and your own, to ensure that your particular phone is running up to snuff.

Download AnTuTu 3.0 for Android and let us know how your device scores.

Via: Android Community

  • WP74Life

    Windows phone don’T need this.

    • Sean

      Nobody needs it people just like it.

  • WP74Death

    Windows phone CAN’T do this.*
    Fixed for you 🙂

  • John

    Do want higher numbers.

  • AWSguy

    My Galaxy Note 2 clocks faster than the Nexus 4!! I got a score of 18500 !!!

    That order presented there is not correct, the Note 2 comes just after Optimus G.

  • matt

    Does bb10 run this?