Nokia’s imaging chief, Damian Dinning, leaving the company on November 30th

Daniel Bader

November 23, 2012 5:38pm

The man behind Nokia’s PureView camera technology — and the excellent reviews it has since received — is leaving the company on November 30th.

Damian Dinning, whose unbridled enthusiasm for smartphone photography kept us excited for the Lumia 920 prior to its release, has decided to leave of his own accord, according to a statement released by Nokia.

Following the relocation of key strategic roles to Finland, and with great reluctance, Damian Dinning has made a personal decision to leave the company effective November 30, 2012. During the past nine years, Damian has made many innovative and valuable contributions to Nokia, most recently as a lead program manager in our Smart Devices business. We thank him for his service to the company and certainly wish him the best.

Dinning tweeted recently that something is going down on December 10th, though he’s given no indication of what it might be. His departure is a huge blow to Nokia, which recently laid off as many as 10,000 jobs in its native Finland and around the world. Dinning surely won’t have trouble finding a new job with his stacked resume, having worked at Kodak and Minolta prior to his nine-year stint at Nokia.

Via: The Verge

  • Claudiu

    I wonder if it goes to Apple or Samsung.

    • SAM

      OOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAMMIE OHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      OHHHHHHHHH THE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      FROM SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO SAMMIE MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Banned for Life

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    • THIS IS BB10!

      He is joining RIM! He knows that BB is so amazing

    • wildspin

      JLR? I think he is wasting his talent.

  • dave thans

    I cant believe it. Damian Dinning leaving Nokia is news worthy!

    Said no one, ever.

    • pacalis

      Yes, he’s going to work on BlackBerries.

  • hurric

    I guess he didn’t leave a good….’image’ behind

  • Keith

    That’s too bad it is probalby best for both Nokia and Damian becuase I don’t think his heart was totally commited to Windows Phone. His leaving didn’t effect the stock prices as Nokia’s is up sharply again today.

  • mike


  • Mike

    Who’s Nokia? is this company still around,,,,lol…Nokia’s biggest mistake was going with Windows Phone. They should have went with the Winner Android. I love Nokia’s Hardware, they make solid phones. But if only they went with Android would have been a killer phone.

  • SlayerX

    I bet he’s getting a RIM Job soon !

    • pacalis

      Damn my reply didn’t thread properly. Blackberries only make sense for RIM jobs.

      Of course, some of the best RIMmers may have futures as Apple execs.

  • Tiago

    I hope Google buys Damian Dinning 😀

  • Claudiu

    Hi is actually joining Jaguar Land Rover to work on a connected car project. Nice, definitely better than cell phones…

    • wildspin

      How disappointing … I couldn’t believe he is leaving a marginalized phone company for a marginalized truck company.

  • STY

    Nokia will always be dead to me, ever since they turned their backs on Canadian Anna users.