Sony Music Unlimited discounted to $12/year for PlayStation Plus members

Daniel Bader

November 20, 2012 12:31pm

We’ve talked before of Sony’s streaming music service, Music Unlimited, which is available for Android, iOS, PS Vita and PlayStation 3, as well as the browser. It’s a great platform, with a selection of artists and tracks comparable to Rdio and Slacker Radio.

With the launch of firmware version 2.0 for the PS Vita, Sony has announced that it is discounting the service to $12/year for PlayStation Plus members (itself a $50 purchase), or $59.99 without one. It used to cost $9.99/month, so this is quite a deal.

Music Unlimited doesn’t have the prettiest interface, but it supports offline playback and has curated channels based on listening preference. For anyone who hasn’t yet jumped onto the streaming music bandwagon, this could be a good first opportunity.

Via: TNW

  • drone

    Ah man.. got me excited there for a sec—thought I read $12/year for Playstation Plus….

  • Brad F(anboy)

    That’s great! Except I haven’t turned on my PS3 since last year.

  • Squint

    This sounds like a decent deal. Already a PS+er so might give it a shot and see how I likes it.

  • David Lebel

    Hopefully, it will also stream on Android too. At 12$/yr, it’s a bargain, being already a PSN member.

  • DonDod

    Looks like they’re having trouble competing with the Xbox unlimited streaming/downloads for $9.99. Sony is gonna have to do better than this!

    • Squint

      10 bucks a month or 12 a year… seems like a no brainer to me. Granted you need to have the PS+ membership but you need Xbox Live with anything on the Xbox anyways.

    • DonSod

      Yeah you’re right sorry. Read that to quick. thought it was $12 per month for a year.

  • StEC

    I love my PS+ subscription had it for 5 months now and already downloaded and saved over $700 in content for my $50 investment!!! I’m for sure going to get Music Unlimited as I have done the trial before and loved it! 🙂

  • SZ

    Do you lose the membership if your PS+ expires?

    • skippypaccino

      Its automatic renewal. You have to actually cancel your subscription to PS plus for it to expire. I personally think PS plus is the best deal on the market. Just remember to check every Tuesday to see if anything new pops up.

  • skippypaccino

    Where is this 12$ PS plus music unlimited discount??? I’m not able to find it on the website, PS store or PS music unlimited app from the cross media bar.

  • StEC

    @skippypaccino the PSN Store hasn’t updated yet it should be updated within the next couple hours! 😉

  • swizzlerz

    competition is good. I never purchased an ipod or itracks for the reason I wanted zune 😀 aka now xbox music. I think its good that more companies are coming as the crtc is not being such pig headed and not letting anyone in… bring them all.. Better for consumers.

  • outcastrc

    Picked up the $12 deal. So far from what I see on the PS3 the family likes it.

    Only issues so far is the android app isn’t compatible with our Nexus 7’s or Galaxy Nexus phones. I then tried to log in to the app on our GoogleTV’s but it’s refusing. Not sure what it wants for email and password. I used the same ones I used on the PS3 and nothing.