Samsung Galaxy Note II reportedly coming in 3 new colours in 2013

Ian Hardy

November 19, 2012 7:06am

Apparently the Galaxy Note II will be graced with a few new colours next year. According to a post on SamMobile we’ll see the 5.5-inch Android be splashed with Amber Brown, Garnet Red and Sapphire Black. Samsung will take the opportunity and show off the new colours at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. If tradition repeats itself then us Canadians might only see the red version. When the new 4 new colours of the Galaxy S III were announced – Amber Brown, Garnet Red, Sapphire Black and Titanium Grey – us Canadians only received the Garnet Red via Bell, TELUS and SaskTel.

Source: SamMobile

  • IOS

    Don’t need so many.. So useless. Just need black and white like iPhone.

    • Morning Wood

      This is innovation at its finest!!! 3 colours!!! Apple only does 2

  • Pat

    It already comes in titanium gray…

  • picks

    I have the grey one i wouldnt want another colour the grey is the perfect mix of colour and blacks

  • Richard

    Ios u is a troll!!!

  • Netguru

    Take a course in grammar and writing basics…it should be “we Canadians” not “us Canadians”.

  • 5Gs

    Own a grey one and like picks said.. Perfect color also i love it.. damn nice phone

  • Alex

    What I’d like to know; when are the 32Gb & 64Gb flavours coming out? Not holding my breath for 64Gb, but I’m just dying for the 32!!! SIII took about a month, but I’ve heard nothing, not even rumour about higher capacities.

  • Ron Mexico

    Not caring, my Titanim Grey Note is a beauty already 🙂

  • JohnN

    “Apparently the Galaxy Note II will be graced with a few new colours next year.”.
    Great for those who use a phone as a fashion accessoty or a status symbol . . . .

    • Henry

      I bet you think the same for anything that has more than 2 colors. ie: Car.

      Choice is good my friend

  • JohnN

    *** accessory***

  • Cameron Rankin

    Just FYI, Bell currently has both the Marble White and Titanium Grey available for the Note II.

  • John

    Also to be released in Bile Green, Excrement Brown, and Mucus Yellow.

    Talk about innovation!!!

  • BoXX

    The Titanium Grey reference in the text is aimed at GSIII.

  • Cancuckle215

    It would just be nice if Sasktel got either of the two initial colors

  • drone

    No thanks; I love my White one.

  • Free

    Loving my grey one!

  • X_X_X

    But the real question is can I slip the Note 2 into my anus for the day, and be comfortable with it there for twelve hours?