Samsung Galaxy Ace II x arrives at Bell locations, priced at $249.95 outright

Ian Hardy

November 19, 2012 1:08pm

The Samsung Galaxy Ace II x suffered a slight delay from the original launch date of November 15th, but it’s now poised to be widely available at several Canadian carriers this week. Bell locations have started to receive their inventory and employees – as pointed out in an internal doc we received – have already started selling the mid-range Android. The price is $249.95 outright and comes in Cobalt Black and White with a 4-inch display (resolution of 480×800), 1GHz single core processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP camera, 1500mAh battery.

This has not yet shown up on the Bell site (probably will arrive there on November 22nd).

(Thanks tipsters!)

  • TP

    4″ 480×800, 1GHz single core, 5MP camera, 1500mAh battery…..I guess there are still parts left after Nexus S ended its life.

    • MSNotWorking

      Koodo has it for $199
      $49 + $150 Tab. (On Futureshop)
      Koodo will release it on its website at the end of the week.

      Same price as the HTC One V from Koodo.
      With 50% more RAM, and Dual Core 800Mhz; vs a single core 1GHz.

      The Ace 2@$200 is a good phone, only trumped by the oldie but goodee Samsung Galaxy S2 from Virgin for $29 + $150 tab.

    • ehoustoun

      @MSNotWorking Virgin sells the GS2 for 399.99 so it’s 29.95 + 370 on supertab not 150. Not really a better deal, if anything the nexus 4 is better bang for buck if you can get your hands on one.

    • General Gustov

      You can get the NEXUS 4 on ebay if you want to pay double then what google play store is offering , but best to wait until they get more stock in , in a few more days .

    • FS

      at $200 is a tad better than the $200 HTC one V from Koodo, but still more expensive than the S2 from Virgin and the S2X from Koodo.

      At the $250 price from Bell I would simply get the N4.

      The N4 is DESTrOYING all the price segments…Back in stock in two weeks!

  • Azzo

    For a Prepaid phone why the heck not?

  • Joey

    Lol for an extra 50 bucks just get the nexus 4. It’s obviously a better deal

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Nexus S, is that you?!?

  • R.Dot

    Not everyone needs a quad core processor, or a 5″+ display. Good price for an entry level Android smartphone.

    • Dalex

      It seems that way, but as mentioned above its only 50$ more for a top of the line Android phone with the very latest version of Android, a HD display and S4 Pro (read: quad core near A15 level SoC). 50$ for a serve that comes unlocked out the box and works with 95% of Mobile Networks in the world is a no brainer.

  • Scott

    This has basically the same specs as my 2-year-old Galaxy Captivate, but it’s half the price… amazing how fast this industry moves.

  • jess

    2010 wants it phone back

    • Brad F(anboy)

      At least it’s better than the L3.

  • Jim R

    Although info is conflicting, it seems to be a 3.8″ display (not 4).

  • Cavemeron

    I suppose Samsung crossed out the words galaxy s and instead wrote galaxy ace ii x on all of the boxes

  • Gideon

    What OS does it come with?

  • Simble

    2 bloody years later and they release the OG galaxy s again for half the price

  • Dennis Leboeuf

    Galaxy S3 mini for Canada